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Need help with my skylake pc

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This will be a long story so grab some popcorn you'll need it.

About a year ago I built my own Sky-lake desktop using the listed parts below. Last week the pc began to produce blue-screens whenever I played a game, ran updates on my drivers. The internet would work fine so long as I did not play videos on some websites. What was really frustrating is that i would never get the same blue-screen. It would be things like memory management, network, graphics and more. The worst part Is I could not run any diagnostic scans because that would also blue-screen. Sometimes it would result in a blue-screen when viewing event viewer.

After asking a friend who builds a lot more computers then I do, he said that it may be the north-bridge going out. While I was not 100 percent sure that this was the issue I am in a bit of a rush to fix the problem so I ordered another motherboard from a different manufacture in an attempt to repair or troubleshoot the problem. While waiting for the motherboard to arrive I hooked the hdd up to my laptop with a external hdd reader and was able to access my data.

My motherboard came in shortly after and with this new part in the Computer the pc booted up and ran at a cool stable temperature. I decided to test it by running a game which resulted in a blue-screen and for testing sake I tried it one more time with the same results. This led me to think that the problem may be the video card, hard drive or ram and the worst possibility something to deal with the processor. I doubt it is the network card as that should not affect diagnostic scans since they don't use the internet. I attempted to do a repair using the Win 10 installation usb but when booting it from the usb (not the hdd) the computer blue-screened leading me to believe that this was not because of the hard drive.

With this thought I decided to test the video card and then the ram to see if maybe this was the cause. After removing the video-card only and booting up from the on-board graphics the computer came up and I opened up the same game. IT got a little bit farther into the game then normal but then blue-screened. I took this to mean it wasn't the video card. So next I decided to Test the ram. I reinstalled the video-card and hooked up the monitor to it's only port. Ran the computer to make sure the card was working but then no image. I think "oh crap I got to set the video-card as the default choice through the bios" I undo the hookup and then use the on-board and again no signal.

SO here I am with no image no mater which method I use to display a screen. Ive noticed that the board seems to send power to the fan's pump and devices but its led dose not light up anymore. Is there a possibility that the power supply could be defective and is not sending out enough power to the components on the board? is this a video card problem? or is it Ram? Did I miss anything? I have reconnected all the components (apart from the processor) multiple times and reconnected them so I don't think its a issues of a cord unplugged anywhere. I also was pretty careful during the instillation to not cause damage to the components.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the parts including the first and second motherboard.

NZXT h440 mid tower case

MSI z170 A Gaming M7 LGA 1151

ASUS radeon R9 390 strix-R9 390

EVGA supernova 750 B2 80+ bronze 750w semi modular

i7 6700 4.0 1151

g.skill ripjaws v series 16 gb 2 sticks DDR4 sdram

TP-link archer t6e pci express ac1300 wireless dual band pci express adapter

the NZXT kraken x61 280 mm all in one water / liquid cooler

and the replacement board is the Gigabyte z170x Gaming 5
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The common threads appear to be the CPU and PSU. If you could get your hands on another PSU or cheaper CPU to compare, I would. I wouldn't be surprised if your AIO pump failed and the processor overheated and was ultimately damaged. Purely speculating.
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