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Asus Z170-K OC issues

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I'm struggling to overclock my brand new Asus Z170-K series motherboard because the AI tweaker refuses to change the multiplier. As I'm writing this I just realised maybe I could take the BCLK off of 100 and bump it up if the multiplier won't change regardless of what else I try to change.

My question was - am I able to flash the bios from another Z170 series Asus board that I've seen overclock without this problem? The other thing I was going to do was just to update the specific boards bios and try again.
Think I might try the first thing I mentioned and post results. Can't believe I didn't think of it haha

I tried changing the base clock to I think 104 or something, and then the system didn't post. Just reset the cmos, updated the bios to the newest version and still haven't had any luck. This is so irritating haha
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wrong CPU for overclocking (im assuming the rig in your signature is the one we are discussing).
The cpu has a locked multiplier.
You could try to increase the BCLK and maybe set an positive offset voltage of 0.05 and see if you can push a bit further. But realistically if you were planning on overclocking you shouldve got the 6600K
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Haha yeah - I've just found this out. I did manage to get a few more MHz out of it just now. Might upgrade CPU's some time in the future, this ones doing me fine so far.
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