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Large Hard Surface Gaming mousepad?

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Hello OCN,

Does anybody have any recommendations for any Large Hard Surface Gaming mousepads? I'm currently looking at Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad, the SteelSeries 9HD Gaming Mouse Pad and Corsair MM600. Anybody know of any larger hard surface ones out there? Not interested in soft cloth pads even though I know most large ones are soft.

Any reply is welcomed and thanks in advance!
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Silly question. If you're looking for a hard surface why use a mouse pad at all? Unless your desktop is pure white the mouse shouldn't have any problems tracking on it. I haven't used a mouse pad in close to a decade.
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Just preference, coming from a used up Razor Vespula mousepad.
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As Far as I know there arent any large ones out there. Somebody else on this forum had a custom frosted glass pane made for him to use a mouse pad.
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Yea I've been looking and haven't found any was hoping somebody might have see this and post their mouspad. Rep added.
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Other than custom pads the largest one I've seen is http://xtrfy.com/product/xg-gp3-l-heaton/ but I have no idea how good it is and it seems limited in availability.
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- Xtrfy GP3 (HeatoN) is probably the biggest plastic pad right now.
- Alugraphics Gamerpro XXL is a large(ish) aluminium pad.
- you can get an acid-etched glass pad from plenty of glass stores, made per your specifications. this is an extremely common treatment for glass, almost every glass shop can do it.
- you could look into HDPE or UHMWPE, you can it for cheap in sheets, it's easy to cut if you must. you just want to make sure it has the right texture.

edit: i can recommend any of them. none's really better than the others, it just depends on your preference.
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Thank all for the replies this is good information. Rep added.
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How large are we talking?

I've been using a Func F30.R for what, 8 years now?
It's 11x17 which I find to be a very generous size for a dual monitor setup.

The have been acquired by Fnatic.
Looks like the Boost series being the hard pads.
The control should be the F30.R rough.
While the speed should be the slightly smoother pad.
I think.
(13 items)
(13 items)
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i was told it's the other way around, Speed being 30 and Control being 10. never got it confirmed though.
but yeah, 400 x 305 x 2mm for the biggest version, maybe i'll get one. last time i checked the Speed was sold out completely and then i just forgot about it.
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