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Looking for square mx red keys

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I've always wanted to try mechanical keyboards, as I play games a lot and membranes just don't handle it. However, I have vowed to never force myself to use the mech boards that are oh so common where the keys are small and concave, like:

I would like to have keys that are close together and more square. I can't stand the look of most mechanicals. They just look old and unappealing.
As well, I think that red switches would be best, as they'd be easiest to push and hold during high paced games.
And I'd LIKE to find one that is wireless, and maybe less than $100. I know, that limits my choices to probably none, but I don't know where to test mechs to know that I like them. I don't NEED a wireless or cheap board, but i'd like one.
I can get the HP elite v2 for $40 and I know that I like chiclets, so i have an easy backup option. I couldn't find much online and I figured that asking would be faster and more reliable.
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how about that razer keyboard? deathstalker? i don't think it's wireless though.
maybe your best bet is just to walk in a few "computer shops". i imagine there must be some cheap wireless chicklet keyboard somewhere?

i think the majority of people looking for keyboards do not go for any of the specs you're looking for. in stead you mostly deal with people who use wired / standard keycaps / cherry mx switches
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If you have a Fry's close by that's probably the best place to try out mechs. They usually have anywhere from 6 to 10 different models on display and you can usually try out several different types of key switches to see which you like best. Other places like Best Buy and even Walmart will usually have a couple of mech keyboards on display, but their selection will be much more limited so your impressions may be tainted by not being able to try the keyboards or switches you prefer. (Note: Walmart usually has their mech keyboads in the gaming section with their console games rather than with the other PC keyboards)

I will say a couple of things though.

#1. Any wireless keyboard is going to be less responsive than a wired one. It's just a simple matter of latency. It takes time to convert a button press into a wireless signal that is then sent to your receiver, which is then decoded by the receiver and passed on to your PC as an input signal. There's just no getting around that delay. It's not huge, but it's always going to be there. Wireless keyboards and mice will always have a small amount of input lag compared to their wired counterparts which do not have to go through the encoding, send/receive, decode process of wireless. This is true regardless of if it's a mech or membrane keyboard.

#2. Mech keyboards aren't for everyone. My wife hates mine, to the point where I have to keep both my mech and her membrane keyboard at my computer at all times. The mech for me, a membrane for her. She just prefers the more quiet, minimal effort key press of the membrane. Since she doesn't game things like response time, macro or custom key programing, or tactile feel makes virtually no difference to her. She prefers a very simple. low profile, low effort keypad. She even prefers the standard minimalistic Dell keyboard that comes free with all of their business workstations over a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. Some people just like that, and there is no changing what some people just like.

That said, I'm not entirely sure a mech is what you really want or what you would really be happy with. I would definitely recommend visiting a local store that has several different mechs on display that you can try out before you buy one. Unlike some people I'm not going to try to sell you on the superiority of a mech, I'm going to tell you to buy what you prefer, even if what you prefer goes against popular opinion here. In the end, the best keyboard for you is what makes YOU the most happy, and it just may be that something along the lines of a Logitech K800 Wireless or Microsoft Ergonomic membrane keyboard would make you a lot happier than any mech out there.

And based on your stated criteria, I would definitely suggest giving the Logitech K800 Wireless a look. It's a membrane keyboard, but it's one of the best wireless keyboards out there. Very comfortable, very responsive for a wireless, and fits well within your budget.
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They make multiple different styles and sizes of keycaps. DSA, SA, DCS, etc etc. Size is not the only thing to really look at either for keycaps. Thickness, and type of plastic used will vary the quality also.

the cheap, thinner ABS keycaps normally have etched legends and will rattle a lot of switches because of their light/thin-ness. Doubleshot ABS/PBT are the way to go, and depending on the actual style of keycap you may get different thicknesses. Doubleshot thick SA keycaps are my favorite, very thick and solid feeling. Feels great on light switches and you can feel that "quality" as compared to OEM keycaps.
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