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Problems with Corsair h55

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So I just bought a h55 cooler off somebody online who claims it is in perfect working condition. I think it might be low on fluid or the pump is going bad. This is my first experience with liquid cooling and so far it is not going well.
My system is a itx build with a CM elite 130 case, MSI z87ac mobo, 8gb g skill ram, evga supernova g2 550w psu, i5 4690k, and a gtx 1060. Right now I am using a Noctua L9x65 and while it's a great little cooler for small form factors I want to use my i5 to it's full potential. With the Noctua the highest temp I hit on stress test is 82 C.

Here's my problem. Sitting at idle in Bios with the corsair cooler on, my cpu temps just continually climb up to 80 C where I shut it off. The pump is hooked up directly to the PSU with an adapter and the fan runs just fine. I can hear and feel the pump running as well as the top of the pump getting warm. One of the coolant lines gets warm to about half way up as well. The radiator only got slightly warm when I disconnected the fan and let it idle for roughly half an hour with the cpu sitting around 80 C the whole time. I have tried reinstalling it 3 times with varying degrees of thermal paste to try to eliminate improper installation from the possibilities and nothing seems to change. I've installed the noctua multiple times as well as a hyper 212 evo with no issues so I don't think its my fault.

Before I go about raising hell and trying to get my money back from the guy, is there anything else I could have done wrong and or should try to remedy the issue? The pump is rather loud and constantly makes gurgling sounds but from what I've seen online that seems to be a common thing with these coolers even when they are fine so I'm not entirely sure if that's a sign of it being bad or not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I forgot to mention but this is all with the i5 running at stock speeds and voltages.
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Yeah that sounds like air in the loop and less coolant.
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most likely low on coolant . If pump is running and you can hear it . Then there is no reason that you should be getting that hot on stock loads .
I would pull the whole coolant fixture and shake it . if you hear sloshing it means there is low coolant . there should not be enough empty room to hear loud sloshing around . another way would to be to pull a hose and see how much coolant is in it . Since it is a closed loop it should be pretty full with not any air in the system .
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Yeah I can hear it sloshing pretty well so I figured that was the issue but since this is my first experience with liquid cooling I wasn't completely sure. Thanks for all your input.
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