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Weird 6700K Issue

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My 6700k in the last few weeks had voltage and temps take a massive jump. My idle temps with an H100i GTX on performance mode stock idles around 40c from ~22c. My voltage requirements are also way higher, I need around 1.37v for my stock speeds. My main issue is that my computer fails the OCCT CPU test with a Clock Watchdog Timer BSOD. I just have no idea what to think, at this point I am planning on RMAing my 6700k.
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Sounds like your i7 6700k is defective, did you have it overclocked?
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I did up until about a month ago. I was overclocked to 4.5 GHz at 1.25v and then I noticed my temps getting extremely high 75-80 and crashes all of a sudden so I removed the overclock.
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What were you running when the CPU showed a higher temperature,also what cooling do you have? The processor should still run well up to 100c stock. So looks like you need the Performance Tuning Protection Plan for overclocking for the RMA here is the link. https://click.intel.com/tuningplan/
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I was running at 4.5 when my temps spiked from idling in the low to mid 20s to the mid 70s. My problem is not so much the temps, it is that there was a sudden and drastic change in stability and temps. I am using a Corsair H100i GTX to cool my cpu with AS5 for tim.
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I've seen a lot of skylakes go bad with overclocking in the forums it happens.sadsmiley.gif
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Well it sucks, but I had no idea that PTPP existed. Thank you for the info.
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Is your PC more stable when you increased the Vcore? if it is you defiantly have a damaged CPU.
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Did you check your cooler (pump, radiator fans) and how it is mounted? Can simply be bad cooling.
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It would not be cooling problem with the core voltage so low and low temperature of below 90c also a low clock speed. Also if you have the Processor running stock it will run fine up to 100c past that it will throttle down the core clock to 100c Temperature..
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