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I ran 128 tasks, and everything looks good on my Ivy Xeons.  No errors, and tasks averaged about 2500 seconds for completion.

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I just started getting some AVX tasks with the new app. I previously was only getting SSE2. There is a comment about FMA on the forums as a test version. AVX on my 2670v1 is maybe 30s-1min faster. Only 4 completed so far. Maybe CPUs with AVX2 or FMA will see more improvement.

I had just gotten 1k hours in the app so I'm all over to Denis atm.
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Nice. My 2P was eating up the sse2 tasks, so I will turn it back on and see how the AVX tasks look.

It is cool when a project developer is active and making improvements to their work flow. I always feel better about a project that is actively making improvements, and increasing efficiency of the time that volunteers donate to their project.
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Yeah production has increased so much through optimization that their hard drives were filling up too fast. Thats a 'good' kind of problem to have. I didn't check but the new app is supposed to have a much smaller upload size. KB instead of MB.

Exactly. I'd donate more time to some other projects but WU is too scare or just reliable. When there were actual Lattice tasks available they were only seconds and always interrupted any other work due to deadlines. That could waste more compute time depending on checkpoints. Now tasks take DAYS or weeks. Most just don't complete at all. Pick a spot in the middle somewhere.

Edit: Can't even tell which ones are AVX vs SSE2. Some of the times overlap.
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