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Seems like a good overclock yes?

cpu - i5 6600k
mobo - Asus z170-a
heatsink - Cryorig H7

Got 4.6ghz on all cores with voltage set to 1.28v with auto offset. If you guys could explain the bios on this motherboard for me that would be nice. Not sure where to find the LLC settings.

Pics of my overclock using prime95 28.7 'blend' test. Pic 1 is after about a minute and a half and pic 2 is after about 3 minutes. The temperature in the second pic is the highest I've seen; when I've done the small FFTs tests (max heat) the max I've seen before is 78*c. Higher than I'd want for 24/7 usage but not bad for prime95 yes? Idle temperature is about 25-27*C.