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I had my new build die on me over night.
I left my PC on for the night, and when I got up I found that it seemed to have been turned off.
Only it wasn't. When I turned it back on, all I got was a momentary power and then shut off.
After another attempt or two, the board would get power and the components too, but there would be no post, and no boot.
All the while, the QCODE alpha-numeric display would only show the numbers 00.
I've searched and found that this issue has happened to others with the same board and other x99 asus boards and may mean faulty board or faulty CPU
- due to a power surge.
I've already replaced the board today, but sadly the issue is still there.
The only change is that there is no more momentary power, but the power starts and stays, but all the rest is the same.
I've concluded that the CPU was fried, and started an RMA process with Intel.
The CPU is a brand new i7-6850k and all the other parts (aside from a couple of mechanical hard drives) were bought at the same time about two and half months ago.
This is an unacceptable issue with a top-of-the-line board from ASUS - especially after two months of use - and especially as it happens in more than one x99 motherboard model.
I am certain the blame is with the board, as I had other small issues with it before:
1. long post time (the time it takes between pressing the power button and till you hear the beep and see anything on the screen)
2. no network connection from within the bios meaning I could not perform a bios update from there.
On previous builds I had, my PC would stay on for months at a time, and in this one the cooling is much better so there is no reason for anything like that to happen,
not to mention that's what thermal (and electrical) protection is there for. power fluctuation is not expected or accepted phenomenon with a high grade gaming motherboard.

Has anyone else encounter this issue? My PSU is also brand new with 750W of power that are more than enough to drive my system, even with the GTX1080 Graphicds card I have
I am quite worried that replacing the CPU might not help even with the replaced motherboard.. what would I do then?