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i bought used 3960x from ebay and overclocked it to 4.4 ghz

the oc is stable and fine but im little concerned about the temps i tested with real temp and latest wprime

one of the cores gets really hot and its about 15C hotter than coolest core during hardest level of stress test (attached picture)

are these temps fine acording to this review ( ?

i dnt know what is cause the problem ( using sli or faulty mainboard or cpu or cpu cooler ) but i hit 74-77 degrees with 1.35v which is not good cause i saw above test with 1.45 hit lower than 70C

information :

mobo : rampage iv gene x79 ( without any bent pins of cpu socket or maybe 1 or 2 bent pins at last )

memory : 4x2 gb gskill 1600 cl7 @ 1747 cl7

power : corsair HX 1050w

VGA : 2xgtx 770 Sli

case : coolermaster cm690 iii with 2x intake fans i added on side

cpu cooler : corsair h105 ( 2 fans push and 2 fans pull )

themal paste : thermal take tg-8 and added pea size ( i tried with arctic mx2 but nothing changed )

cpu : 3960x @ 4399 ( 93.6 x 47 ) ( i noticed 2 or 3 discolored cpu pins but i dont know its dust or burnt pins but i have not any stability issues even with oc )

vcore : 1.28

dram voltage : 1.62

room temperature : about 20-22C

software : realtemp for measuring cores temps and real temp sensor test and wprime 28.9 ( blend ) for stress test

oc@4.4ghz idle temps : 28-34C ( COOLEST AND HOTTEST CORE )

oc@4.4ghz load temps : 50-65C ( COOLEST AND HOTTEST CORE )

stock idle temps : 24-30C ( COOLEST AND HOTTEST CORE )

stock load temps : 46-60C ( COOLEST AND HOTTEST CORE )

TJmax : 91C

note : idle and load temps will be 4 degrees hotter after 3-4 hours of gaming

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