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For those of you looking for a full tower option, the In Win 509 might be a great choice for you. The 509 is constructed with quality materials such as SECC steel and tempered glass. The front panel also consists of tempered glass, but is also accompanied with an RGB LED In Win logo. One side panel is made of tempered glass too, while the opposite panel is also made of steel, but with hexagonal ventilation.

There are actually two different versions of the 509, the original grey version, and the ROG certified version. The most noticeable difference is that the support mounting bar in the middle of the case is painted red for the ROG version.

The 509 is stacked with versatile mounts that can hold SSDs or fans. This case is designed to provide users with endless cooling options (air or water cooling) while being a storage power house!

Hate sagging GPUs? You put so much thought and effort in your build only to have your amazing GPU dangling. No worries though! The 509 comes with a small metallic strip that will inconspicuously support the card. Keep your build symmetrical! wink.gif

This beautiful rig MSRPs for $184.99 and can be found on Newegg. If you have any questions feel free to ask, or visit our website to get a more thorough look.
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