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I've owned more mice than I will ever admit and I have never come across a mouse that can full on tilt to the side like the 303. Claiming it's the users fault and not bad design is amusing to say the least. This is especially true because Logitech themselves realized this was a huge issue with the g302 so they added additional feet on the 303... Naturally that didn't completely fix the issue given that it's a shell design flaw, but it improved it at least.

As for the other person, sensor rattle has been found on a ton of them, not all. So naturally you got lucky which is great, a lot of us did not.

You can change any cable, but so what? Does that make it okay that they ship the mice with cables that make the mouse feel horrible?

Refund city.

Honestly I don't even understand how someone could have a problem with the g303 tilting unless they are gripping extremely hard to the point where it would seem very unhealthy. I've literally never had the mouse tilt once in probably 3000 hours of using it. Also like I said I can use the stock cable perfectly fine if I mount it properly. I'm actually really picky about how the cable is mounted, but once it is mounted correctly I don't have a problem. Honestly I would take a g303 with the cable mounted well over a zowie cable in normal mouse bungee like a camade.