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Welp, there's goes any remaining hope I had for this thing.
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Just received this model today when I bought it for a very low $69.00 off PLE's website.

Sure enough it came in it's all Metal Casing, a first for any mouse made in the 21st Century biggrin.gif .

Very easy to open, cut the front, black EG Label, holding the lid and bottom casing together and you lever it open to reveal the contents. TOP layer had a flat dark grey sponge sheet which you lift off to show the top portions of the mouse showing the extra Purple enclad switches, Orange Coloured switch remover, Extra sensor which is the 9800 Laser model (on the mouse itself has the 3360 sensor already installed).

You get an easy to read (pictures) showing how to remove the top casing which came with Silver grey plastic but I removed them for the all White coloured plastic. Seems to be sprayed on White ABS plastic the same as the Silver colour on the mouse.

The cable is nothing great, seems to be stiff but not worried as it goes straight into my Mic Stand situated 70cm above and the mouse moves very freely with no restrictions.

Sides of the mouse has a high quality rubber finish that can be gripped by sweaty fingers very easily. The mouse seems solid even though it can be easily taken apart into bits and pieces. There are no noises at all with any of the switches or scroll wheel hence it's already one up on some models sold out there today. I tried shaking it like a mad baboon but still no loose noise can be heard.

Will have to use this for at least a month or so before rendering in any final decision but for $69.00AUD, it's a bargain thus far.
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i got 2 3988 morphas for 15 euro XD
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