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by the way, i am running dual monitors. one at 4k and the other at 1440p
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just out of curiosity, is the m.2 ssd worth getting? i heard good things, but not sure if it's very useful. should i stick with 2 850 pro's or 1 850 pro and 1 m.2 ?
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Don't differentiate SSD's between SATA, PCI-e and M.2. That doesn't really tell us if they're AHCI or NVMe. An NVMe drive would really only be worth it if you're utilizing the additional performance. Chances are an AHCI drive would be more than adequate for your needs.
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You might want to wait for amd to release zen and 490 if only to drive better competition between them and intel/nvidia.

Is this just a gaming pc? 2011v3 cpu's don't have as strong of an IMC as 1151 cpu's so trying to push ddr4 ram past 2400 will be a hit or miss unless I'm mistaken. Also if you were considering nvme drives intel should be releasing 3d xpoint ssd's next year and I think it is currently supported only on kabylake which features a higher iops on its random qd1 w/r. Nvme ssd's are only better in sequence w/r and people make the most use of them in large data xfers or large photoshop video editing projects though you should see faster boot and game loading times as well though it will be noticable difference it will be small for just a gaming library. Personally, I think 6 cores for just games is a waste because by the time dx12 needs them newer tech will replace the x99 platform. Unless this isn't just a gaming pc and you can make use of those cores now.
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it will mainly be for gaming but i'll also be using it for video editing, picture editing, video fx (adobe AE), and audio fx programs...I'm looking to buy within the month though so I am not sure if I can wait too long for the ryzen release..
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Ya you are going to want at least 32gb ram and an nvme drive for the editing but depending how extensive you plan to do it you might be able to get away with 4 cores versus 6 something to research into if you wanted to save some cash. Also if you have a micro center nearby cpu's tend to be cheaper there. The 5820k/6800k has less pcie lanes from the cpu than the 5930k/6850k but depending on how many you plan to use you could be paying for something you wont be using. The 5820k is only like $320 at micro center.

By all means though the 6850k is a beast of a cpu though it has minimal gains over the 5930k from what I remember reading about. Also if you buy a binned 6 core cpu it has a greater chance of having less defects in the IMC and increases your chances of running ram past 2400.
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I'm not sure how much faster RAM will benefit X99. You'll probably have more luck with tighter timings. At the end of the day, RAM is not a great place to invest for premium performance.
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yeah i updated the build now. if you recommend another memory then let me know, otherwise could someone please tell me if the ram I selected will have an issue with the swiftech cpu cooler i selected? I will be mounting the 3x120mm radiator at the top of the case (after removing the ODD bay) and I need to know that the memory won't be blocked by them.. LMK asap please!!
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Sorry if this was late but get 1 kit of 32gb instead of 2 kits of 16gb. Its possible to run 2 kits at the same time but could be a problem where 1 kit won't have the same possible problem.

My understanding of ram is if you lean more towards 1gpu gaming get ~3200mhz for best fps (sli/xfire high end gpu's on skylake can see benefits from 4000mhz) but if you lean towards photoshop video editing get ram with tigher timings and less true latency.

Good luck on your build. Also I didn't check but make sure the ram you get is supported for your mobo. You can choose to just do xmp preset from the bios or manually do it for tigher timings. As said above ram isn't the place to spend a premium on but once you get one of the best cpu gpu ssd and mobo, ram is the last place to increase performance.
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Here is a chart on CL (Cas latency) and speed, so you will know what the real speed is when you put CL, memory speed together. Access time of the memory is in NS (Nano seconds)

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAS_latency
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