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What CPU gpu mobo combo do you have? I have the gigabyte 970 gaming sli with at gtx 960 ssc 4gb
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Is Ryzen a good option? Is it worth going for or should I stick with this for now and water cool this system and overclock higher?
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Ryzen is a great option but as with any option it depends on the context. Before anyone can answer that we will need a few pieces of info.

1. How much dosh are you willing to spend like right now?

2. What components do you have right now and which ones would you be willing or able to recycle into the new build to save some money?
( hint: rig builder of your current stuff in your sig would be helpful for this, find it in your profile options)

3. What are your expectations, or what do you want your new rig to do?
Examples: 1080p 60hz gamin on high or better detail, Content creation of any kind like adobe primer, blender, youtube channel content, ect. Live streaming gaming to twitch, secondary space heater if you live somewhere cold.

4. How comfortable are you with OCing your PC? Technically savey? Willing to deal with risks and the obnoxious troubleshooting that sometimes comes with it? Or do you just want something that is plug and play ready and just works?

5. And finally, how long do you want this thing to last? Are you willing and able to forgo some higher end things if it allows a future upgrade to keep you going and allow you time to save for it? Can you save more money for this quickly like in a month or two to improve your budget, or is this more of a once in a few years kinda purchase that needs to happen now and last awhile?

You answer these big 5 and i'm sure myself and a half dozen others can put something reasonable on paper for you to look over. Good luck thumb.gif
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What about going to like an intel i7 4770k? Any good deals out there on something like that?
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A i7 4770k would have to be pretty cheap to be a deal in todays market and would honestly only be a deal for people who already had a motherboard that was ready to drop it into.
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What is my best option for intel? I want to overclock as well not at first but I do want that option. What is the best combo without spending a ton of money. I have ddr3 and a cooler and gpu already I'd like to stick with ddr3
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A "ton" of money is pretty subjective, what is your estimated budget? Realistically it is not usually cheap, or considered a deal, to buy overclocking intel chips. They generally cost a premium for the privilege of overclocking and charge extra on their K series which are the only ones that have most/all the OC options available.

That said you can find deals if you look, especially second hand sometimes. With AMD's Ryzen 5 release, Intel doesn't have a lot of compelling entry/mid level gaming PC options that are good deals AND have the ability to OC right now. That might change as they adjust prices or release new products...but as it stands when buying new budget oriented tech the best deals are all on the AMD side.

Second hand market is always an option. A good I5-6600k CPU and Mobo could be a good deal for the right price as people move up to Kabylake and Ryzen and look to sell theirs. Gives you a solid platform for gaming with an upgrade path into a I7-6700k if you want to down the road. Buying a 6600k set up brand new is kinda iffy because the prices get really close to what AMD R5 series offer, and they by most accounts are the stronger option over the intel i5s.
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So until intel really refreshes their line up to compete with amd new stuff amd is the way to go right now. I am not on one side of the other I just want to get a better expedience I guess. I want to stick to ddr3 though because is already have that memory 12gb of it. Or is a gpu a better upgrade? Gtx 960 ssc 4gb and I also overclocked it further.
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tried using x264 and when i put in all the stuff. i hit enter and it just closed. it didnt even run the test. does that mean my oc is unstable ?
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That would be a good guess. Back off the OC and try again.
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