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Zowie IMO 1.1 (special edition) worth anything?

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So going through some of my old stuff I found my Zowie IMO 1.1 in mint condition and wondered if it could be worth anything? A friend of mine sold a IMO 1.1 SE for quiet a bit of money some years ago, but the Zowie editions were produced in larger quantities. It's ofc original and not a chinese mockup/paint job.

I have one in black like this: http://i.imgur.com/jZx8YWC.jpg, but I know they are also made in light blue.

I also have the shell from a yellow Alienware IME 3.0, but sadly it's torn from the the original mouse and pretty much unusable frown.gif
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Don't even think the 1.1SE are worth much anymore. Saw one on eBay for the past month from a seller in New Zealand but no one seemed to bid on it. It's sad cause I have 7 in stock and two of the blue Zowie 1.1

If you have a brand new X06 IMO1.1 OR IME3.0, however then you're in luck. I've seen them go upwards of $350 on eBay
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Why so good the X06 IMO? I have one with japanes Omrons (there is no 1.1 label just IMO and X06), and modular cable. Is the MLT04 too? So what is the difference? x08/x80 vs x06?
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Originally Posted by IAMSTERDAM View Post

some info about x06 x08 smile.gif

So, there is no difference between them, just the coating. Same MLT04 sensor like X08. In this case I much better cherish it. thumb.gif
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I could pay good for it! PM me if youre interested in selling it, still playing with my zowie 1.1 champagne!
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