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The shape looks kinda good to me like a good mix of G502 and Deathadder. Any obvious weight loss mods to consider?
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Originally Posted by RevanCorana View Post

The shape looks kinda good to me like a good mix of G502 and Deathadder. Any obvious weight loss mods to consider?

No way to lose weight of this mouse. Well I bought this when it sold in massdrop. G502 is more comfortable. M04's right side feels bad. Most important thing is the sensor. Worse than revel or dm1. The rgb effect is nice. If you want good mood light, this can be your best choice.


good rgb effect

grip is not so bad.(but not good for everyone.)

have software


dpi steps are not adjustable by 50


bad sensor.(hope can be better with firmware or else.)

Guys... It's soundblaster. You should buy only soundcards from here.
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I've got a voucher I need to waste on something and this mouse is coming to mind, it's down to $65 from $80 I guess because it wasn't selling well. The G502 is a great mouse, but there's so many features on it that stop it from actually being a viable gaming mouse for me. Namely the thumb rest, the mouse wheel, and the extra buttons by the left mouse button. This mouse looks like it might be a great alternative, I'm hoping someone with it can answer my questions.

The G502 sniper button is far enough away when I palmed it that its existence wasn't an issue. Is the M04's sniper button just as out of the way or is it closer? I keep my thumb on the very bottom of the mouse, scraping the mousepad, if that makes a difference. Is the software still very lacking? Can lighting be completely disabled and can the sniper button be disabled and rebinded?

Update: When I fingertip the mouse my thumb occasionally makes contact with the bottom left of the sniper button. When it does make contact it's not a problem because pressing the button from that corner takes a lot of pressure and is hard enough to do on purpose. The software is a little barebones. The lighting can be completely disabled. I didn't see a way to disable the sniper button. Overall amazing mouse performance wise. Clicks are great. Pretty light just not G303 light - which is probably a good thing if anything. On par with Logitech on the input delay front, 3360 performance is great, there's 2mm or 3mm option for LOD in the software.. Logitech has these ridiculously heavy middle mouse buttons that bring out my RSI and this one is just fine and the wheel is decent. The only problems are the shape and sniper button. Make no mistake, this is not the G502 shape. It does not fill your palm, especially on the right side. This mouse is not actually palm-able for me because it barely makes contact with most of my palm, so palming is really just fingertipping it, but further up on the mouse, and doing that just makes the mouse impossible to pickup and move because you have no grip on the bottom half, it has no balance. The front side button is twice as hard to press as the rear side button. This is the only mouse where I've had problems with pressing the CPI button. It's easy to see how that could be when you take one look at the mouse and how the button is right against the narrow area they give you to put your pointer finger. There's a small lip on the right side that says M04 on it. It shouldn't exist. It decreases the amount of space I have to put my ring and pinky finger on the side and it also widens the front half of the mouse and its a little uncomfortable to have my ring finger stretched that far to keep it on the side of the mouse. Honestly this is an amazing mouse aside from the shape and the shape is.. alright for me for desktop use and non-serious games. I'm doing well with it in CS but I would be doing better with a mouse that filled my hand better - A smaller front and a bigger back and no gimmicks to get in the way.
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