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Cpu cooler for 50 dollars

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What is a good so single tower cpu cooler that performs well and wouldn't give any ripjaws 5 ram clearance issues, that is about as good as good as the phanteks ph-tc12dx_bk or better that can fit LGA 1151 and the HAF 912 case.

Budget is 50-60 dollars and single tower for personal aesthetics.i do not want a h7 and the h5 for personal reasons, but it looks like the best one in this type of look and price is the phanteks one and worried about ram clearence with g.skill ripjaw 5,and my case since i have fans up on top.

So 50-60 dollars no less and i know more moner doesnt mean bebtter performance,but not TOO sure on performance of the phanteks since there are alotnof mixed reviews of people saying idle 40 and max being 80 and some say idle 30 and max 50-60 so.
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Don't you already have this thread going?


Multiple threads on the same topic are not good board etiquette.
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What ciarlatano said.
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