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With my 6700K at 4700 1.380V temps never go over 70'C. This is with XTX360 and XE240.

My problem is that my CPU sucks OCing wise.
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Originally Posted by Dooxy View Post

Hey guys!

I just built my first really killer PC since the last 7 year ago i built a pc.

Am running a Asus Z170i pro gaming itx MB with my i7 6700k. Am currently trying to OC am testing around 4.4 with a 1.35v. First i was trying to figure out why my temps spike above 80c/176f.

But i can't since Realbench 2.43 the Luxmark cashe around 3 min mark But i pass aida64 30 min tests. I don't think its my OC i following most of the guides here and on youtube.
I don't think i need to care for the max spikes so much? am using a h100i v2. Thermal paste has been replayed 3 times and tested i get the same around 4.4.

is it Realbench that is garbage? could it be my OC? or is my 240mm Aio simply not up to the task? this build is inside a phanteks enthoo evolv itx that is kind of known to be a hotbox.

anyways thanks for any help! smile.gif
from what i see here its luxmark not the others is so that is not a cpu issue its the gpu i had a problem with mine it ended up being a usb device that was pluged in my device manager was always refreshing and was causeing my fps to dip dissabled it game work and now realbench run flawlessly now
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