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[Build Log] Thermaltake The Tower 900 Android Green (Revised)

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Update (4/10/2017): I had an issue with my old MSI motherboard, and sent it in for a RMA. Since I needed a new motherboard instead of waiting I bought an Asus ROG Strix instead. In the process of swapping components I overhauled my whole system by adding a new tower, RAM, waterblock, tubing, second pump etc. This project was a lot of fun, even though working in a much larger case was harder than my old Phanteks.

Here is my parts list:
Thermaltake The Tower 900
XSPC G1/4 Chrome Rotary
XSPC G1/4 Chrome 90°
XSPC G1/4 Chrome Ball valve
XSPC G1/4 Chrome T fitting
EKWB 16mm HDC Nickel Fittings
Mayhems Pastel UV Green coolant
Mayhems Pastel UV White coolant
Alphacool Eisbecher D5 250mm x2
Bitspower 16mm PTEG
Thermaltake RGB Fan Controlelr
Alphacool VP755 Pump
EKWB G1/4 Chrome plug x2
EKWB D5 PWM pump
EKWB 240mm SE Radiator x2
EKWB 360mm SE Radiator
EKWB F4 Vadar 120mm 2000rpm PWM fan x7
EKWB 1080 FTW Nickel backplate
EKWB 1080 FTW Nickel/Plexi water block
EKWB Asus nickel monoblock
Corsair Green PSU individually sleeved cables
Cable Mod custom extensions
Corsair AX760 PSU
Asus ROG Strix X99 motherboard
Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 3000mhz 8GB RAM x4
i7 6800K OC to 4.35GHz
EVGA 1080 FTW Hybrid
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD
Samsung 840 EVO 256GB M.2 SSD (Spare SSD)
WD 4TB external backup HDD $150
Samsung 500GB T1 external backup SSD
Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 SSD
Cable Mod 60cm UB Led strip x2
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Here are a few pictures showing the current state of things. I am waiting in my XSPC fittings, EKWB reservoir, Pump top and backplate. At some point I plan on using PTEG tubing when I have more time to mess around with the build. Lastly I'll b added some green accented fans and a larger 360mm radiator up top. I apologize in advance for the medicine image quality since I took this batch with my phone.

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I used EVGA in my last build around 8 years ago at this stage. Think i used Nvidia 760 GTx's in SLI and a 3.4GHz i7 CPU all air cooled. planing a new build now but going for ASUS components instead and bulding it with ROG components for most of it and to challenge myself i want to include liquid cooling too.

What was the most challenging bit in your opinion regarding liquid cooling?

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If I could change one thing about my build it would be my motherboard. Don't get me wrong there are absolutely no issues with my MSI Mobo, but the ASUS ROG Rampage V 10 would be nice to have.

The biggest challenge is finding what fittings you want to use, and exactly how parts fit your case. I knew the dimensions of each part beforehand, even then installing and building the loop is very different. I wouldn't say it's hard because I'm comfortable building things and making mistakes. I had no leaks, or issues when I assembled the components either. Always ensure the pump has fluid and never let it run dry while filling your system.

Some people might find the GPU water block installation difficult, but it's very straight forward. I'm planning on doing another more ambitious build later this year in a Caselabs SMA-8 if I can find the time and the right components are released.

My Samsung 960 EVO finally showed up after 5 months of my initial preorder... The rest of my build will arrive by Thursday, installion will follow as time allows.
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Yes the Samsung 960 EVO seems like something else alright want to put in a 256gb ssd as my c drive for C drive.

Over what length of time did you buy your parts?

Planing to use the Thermaltake core p5 case myself so there might be few tight fits and not 100% if it will run a twin gtx 1070 but that's the plan for now. As well the space for reservoir might also be tight so will start on a black board to figure out size and measures to see if it fits on paper.
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I might still add a 1TB NVMe SSD via one of my extra PCIE slots at some point. I find SATA drives to be cumbersome I'm almost all cases. Samsung SSD's are my favorite because they never fail or have issues (for me). My ancient 840 EVO has 4.2TBW since 2012 and still runs just fine.

I initially built everything in a Corsair 750D case with a EVGA 1070 FTW back in July. Then in October I opted to get a new case (EVGA DG86), EVGA 1080 FTW Hybrid and the ASUS ROG monitor. Previously I used a LG 34in 3440*1440 flat panel 21:9 monitor but it topped out at 60hz. After the nosie caused by turbulent air flow in my EVGA case I decided to get a Corsair Crystal 460X. My first one arrived with a broken wire in the RGB controller, and my next one had issues with the ports not working consistently. Since I wanted a mid tower with some class my friend recommended a Phanteks case which is how I ended up with my current one. I always had closed loop liquid cooling until mid December. This build has been over the course of 5 months (my build started at the end of July).

It's funny you mention the P5 case. I almost bought one over the Phanteks in the like green color. Check to see what the case will fit first at most then work from there. I always factor things to be slightly smaller than whatever the limit to account for error.

Here are some (mostly awful) pictures I took of my PCs various states until now.

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Don't even get me started on the monitors still not sure if I want to get an Asus MA27Q Designo 2560 x 1440 by 2 or if I want to spent the extra cash on the Asus rog 34in but just a lot of cash for a screen like. Yes was tempted to get the green case but still not 100% on the colour I want could be tempted to spray it white or purple so colour won't really matter.

Sounds like you are going through a fair few builds a year? One thing about PC building....its just never good enough or shiny enough ha. Unfortunately I don't think I have any pictures of my 1st build and it was my only build so looking to get back into it now over the next while.
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Are you referring to the ASUS monitor with build in Qi charging? I spent almost as much on my original LG monitor becasue that was back when 21:9 was more of a novelty than it is today. I love the aspect ratio coupled with a high refresh rate. I will admit the price is high, almost as much as I paid for my 65in Samsung SUHD TV thanks to a sale ($1500 down from $2K). Green is seemingly less used than red, white or blue hence why I decided to go with it. I would have also opted for orange, but I'll save that for another build. Purple would look great if you followed through with everything else in your case.

I couldn't decide which configuration I liked better especially since this was my first build ever. I know exactly what you mean, I go through more phones than PC parts unfortunately. I would like to run thicker radiators inside my case, unfortunately that's not an option given how Phanteks configured it. If I moved my pump from the front I could fit a large push/pull 280mm radiator, maybe a 360 with some modification. There are still some plans I have in mind after getting my current batch of parts; only time will tell what I do.
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The monitor I'm referring to is in the below link


Just not sure if it's really worth spending the same amount on the monitor then the of alone and the of doesn't even have the cost of the liquid cooling system included either yet.

And yes I agree black red and white are well to commonly used these days orange would be a sweet colour.

I know the case can handle up to 4 fan rads and might be playing about with some extra brackets to ad a 2nd loop for the CPU only.
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That's the monitor I currently have. Coming from the LG one http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34UM95-P-ultrawide-monitor it was a big improvement.

Liquid cooling isn't cheap for a custom set up, but I think it's worthwhile. I thought about running two loops, but it wouldn't make a big difference for me due to my loop set up. While running 3D Mark Firestrike my. GPU doesn't exceed 49°C overclocked to 2155mhz and my CPU will go-to 59°C overclocked to 4.3ghz (from the stock 3.4ghz base clock). I could play with my voltages and reduce the thermals a little more even though everything runs cool as is. Ambient temps are around 22°C for reference. At idle my CPU with the overclock sits around 26-28°C, without the overclock it's a few degrees less than that.

You could always build your PC and make changes later if things aren't as expected. If I ran a second loop it would be pushing it due to the small size of my mid tower.

Here's that monitor with my Corsair Crystal 460X case a few weeks ago.
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