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Bitspower measurements mixed (imperial / metric)

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I have Bitspower 3/8 ID x 5/8 OD fittings. I have heard to only get tubing from the same company who provides your fittings due to slight variations and also to avoid mixing measurements (e.g 5/8" is not quite 16mm.) However, they use imperial measurements even on their own website for compression fittings while using metric for their tubing. So in that case, is a Bitspower 5/8" OD compression fitting compatible with a Bitspower 16mm PETG tubing?
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You are confusing fittings for soft tube with hard tube fittings.
Bitspower soft tube compression fittings are imperial sizes because that has become the industry standard.
When they designed the first hard tube fittings and tube they used metric because they didn't have to match anything else. The initial fittings were only designed to be used on the short distance between GPU blocks. People started using them for full loops and the hard tube trend kicked off. Other manufacturers later used imperial sizes for their hard tube fittings and tubing.
So, now we have metric and imperial sizes of hard tube and hard fittings.

If you have Bitspower 5/8 compression fittings then they are soft tube fittings. They cannot be used with any size of petg hard tube
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Seems I mixed up some fittings, I do have the correct compression fittings as well though upon double checking. This leads me to my follow up question. How tight should the tube be locked in to place. When I just tested it, hand tightening as much as I could, they didn't seem quite as sturdy as I expected. They do stay in place and will not come out in normal circumstances or if I very lightly tug. However, it takes next to no effort for me to pull the tube out of the fitting. Basically they are snug but not tightly locked. Is that normal?
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So are they the 16mm Bitspower hard tube compressions? If you are using them with imperial size 5/8 tubing that could cause them to be loose.

If you have 16mm tube and fittings it sounds like your tube may be slightly undersized. There is variation in tubing. Some lots can be undersized and some oversized. As long as you have the same sized tubing and fittings of the same brand it should be no problem to get the tube replaced.

It should be difficult to pull hard tube out of the correct sized fittings.
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No, a little confusion, the bitspower revolvers I have are not compression fittings for tubing. I have 1/2 inch OD Primochill PETG and Primochill 3/8 ID x 1/2 OD straight knurled grip rigid compression fittings. I have never worked on water cooling before, not even soft tubing or AIO, and just want to make sure this is normal. The diameters match and the pipe sits very snug, but it is pretty simple to pull it out with a little force. Not easy enough for it to come out on it's own, but not as tight as I would expect. Hopefully that makes sense.
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