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Hi there, this is my first post on this site and In thought I would start off with my h440 build. I have various mods that I am going to work on in the coming weeks, Including a full custom water cooling loop and a custom front panel. I have a few other bits and bobs like getting a new power supply so I can get sleeved cables easily as my current one is basically impossible, this will allow me to clean all my cables up a bit better ( as extentions make it a mess). Also custom painting a few components.


Hero Maximus vii
g1 gaming 1080
evga g1 650w
2 kingston 240gb ssd
2tb wd black
corsair h115i
16gb corsair veng ram

So currently running this build, Below I have 2 drawings outlining a couple of my plans as previously mentioned.

So below is my planned parts list, please let me know if you would recommend anything else or have any helpful suggestions.

EKWB EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 pump/res
2x 360m ek coolstream rads
EK supremacy Evo cpu block
Ek G1 1080 block and backplate
primochill flexi red tubing
Ek 1/2 inch fittings and a ball valve drain port at the lowest point
Corsair sp120s

This is the rough layout for front panel I want to do. As in pic I want the 3 front fans outside of the main section of the chassis sitting inside the front panel (checked clearance already). Also as mentioned it will sitting right on the border or slightly over the edge of the red ring on the corsair fans. I am undecided on what to use as the material to fill the gap with. I have a few options including using modders mesh then somehow fitting as dust filter behind, using some custom dust filter to fill the gaping hole or somehow reuse the including nzxt dust filter.

So these are my plans, please feel free to give me any feedback on my plans. Also help me with a name!!

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