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Sennheiser Urbanite XL - Microphone does not work properly

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Hi all

I recently purchased a Sennheiser Urbanite XL (over-ear) headset with a build in microphone in the cable.
The headset itself works perfect, however, the build-in microphone refused to work when I plugged in the cable (only 1 3.5mm plug) in the headset port on my desktop.
After some research I quickly discovered I had to buy a splitter, which I presume should have been this one: https://www.startech.com/eu/Cables/Audio-Video/Audio-Cables/35mm-4-Position-to-2x-3-Position-35mm-Headset-Splitter-Adapter-F-M~MUYHSFMM

Now, when I plug in my headset with this splitter, both my headset and microphone are detected (which previously did not happen because I did not have the microphone plug). All good and well. Unfortunately, I am unable to get the microphone working properly, even though the headset and microphone are clearly detected in device manager and my Realtek Hd Audio software.

Relevant software I use:
- Windows 10 (fully updated as of 11/01/2017)
- Realtek® ALC1150 audio chip Gigabyte H170N Wifi (mini-itx motherboard) - presumable of good quality
- Startech 3.5mm 4 pin to 2x 3pin 3.5mm headset splitter Adapter. https://www.startech.com/eu/Cables/Audio-Video/Audio-Cables/35mm-4-Position-to-2x-3-Position-35mm-Headset-Splitter-Adapter-F-M~MUYHSFMM
- Sennheiser Urbanite XL (for Android & other devices - I assume this would work with Windows as well since the plug is a 4 pin (ground - microphone - left and right ear).
- I use Audacity and Battle.net (voice chat settings tester) and to no avail. Sometimes I can pick up my voice in Audacity, but cannot in Battle.net. Interesting, however, is the fact that I am able to click on the volume down or up on the cord (works well in Android) and both Audacity and Battle.net register this click loud and clear. However, my voice is not being recorded at all or only very quietly. To me, this means the microhpone does actually work and I think it must be a software issue.
- I use the Gigabyte H170n wifi with a Corsair Obsidian 250D (mini-itx case and MB). I have used both the front panel connections and the connections directly on the motherboard. Both options did not help me solve this problem. Problem persists no matter which ports I use.

What I have already tried to solve this problem:
- First of all, I bought the splitter that I linked before in my post. This helped the initial problem that my microphone could not be detected at all. Now, my microphone gets detected according to device manager and the Realtek HD Audio software.
- In the Software (Realtek), I went to settings and enabled "split all input as independent sources" (translated from Dutch to English). This means that normally the 1 4 pin plug now gets divided in two 3 pin (1 for audio and 1 for microphone). According to some forums, this should help solve the problem, but it did not solve the problem for me, even after a restart.
- Again in the Realtek software I increased the recording volume (and I even toyed with adding +10 or 20db). This also did not help, although perhaps the clicking got louder (of my volume up and down), my voice still could not be recorded - or it was extremely quiet)

According to a question on LTT concering the same headset, the problem should have been resolved with buying a splitter. Indeed, it solved the problem of my microphone not being recognised, but the volume problem is still an issue for me. Source: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/220662-sennheiser-urbanite-mic-on-pc/
I can also confirm that all cable are pressed in very neatly and that Windows 10 does recognize the headset (I get sound) and the microphone (clicking is recorded, voice is not).

Thank you for your help!
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Hi! I have the same problem.

Have you figured out a solution?
I am sure it worked for me before, but I had another splitter at the time, It could be that the splitter uses the wrong "rings" on the jackplug when splitting?

Also, by using usb i can hear sound, but also then not use mic, shouldn't this be possible?

Can you install a bluetooth device on your computer and use sound + mic?
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