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nvlddmkm.sys vs atikmdag.sys DPC latency

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I switched from an AMD HD 7950 card to a GTX 1070 recently, and other than it being a sweet upgrade, the Latencymon numbers for the two drivers are drastically different.

Sitting at idle on the desktop, the AMD driver barely made its mark in Latencymon, but the Nvidia driver is by far the most DPC heavy/CPU-ntensive driver in my system, to the extent that the highest execution time is very high, and the total execution in ms is about 230 by the time the second-highest is at 18 (ntoskrnl). I actually enabled MSI-X mode for the Nvidia driver, and this has resulted in a net improvement, because previously the dxgkrnl.sys was also sky high, but now at least it's only the Nvidia driver.

I've got all power settings disabled for CPU and devices, and same in BIOS, and my system is more or less barebones w10 (as much as it can sanely be made to be), which is probably why the DPC latency in general seems acceptable (fluctuating between 3-25us at idle, and for reference 3~10us with my AMD card). But I've got those spikes up to 70us and a total execution time just relentlessly climbing by almost 5ms every second, which is ridiculous considering the system is sitting idle with no interaction.

I've seen people suggest disabling low power states, but I had those enabled on my AMD card with no problem at all, and besides, I really like how the fans are off and the card is cool during idle.

Can anyone help me out?
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Properly removed amd drivers with DDU or manually?
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Yes do not buy NV card if you do not like high DPC latency, it's an known "feature"/ignorance by NV for many generations and brought back again even worse with Paxwell and to some degree lessened with updated drivers in the autumn.
There are threads for this topic.

I'm running a 1060 no problem though with any drivers after the fix. The DPC is the highest for NV driver though that has not changed but it's no longer in 1000+us and stays say below 250us. Of course compared to other drivers this is still high.
The powersaving nonsense is well a nonsense, doesn't help to any noticeable degree but people always blindly suggest to disable all CPU and GPU and OS powersaving features to run always at max clocks and power. Just stupid.

The only one who can resolve this is Nvidia which doesn't want to anymore after the first patch. The only option is to return the card and get your money back if you can if you do not like the issues of NV cards. Of course AMD cards have their own issues as well. None are trouble free completely.
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I'm dealing with this right now as well on an EVGA 1080 FTW Hybrid. Came from an Asus Strix 1070 that had no issue.

Mine is causing audio issues as well as stuttering in game, and while browsing the web/watching videos.

My next step is to reduce my memory clock (seems some have had success doing so) and also to disable all realtek audio drivers and see if it helps. Might also disable the USB 3.1 drivers
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