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About two weeks ago I bought a 43 inch Sony Bravia 4k TV and I want to connect it to my Macbook Pro to use as an external display but I have ran into a issue.

I bought two adapters from thunderbolt to hdmi which claim to have refresh rates of 60hz but I have only just found out that my Macbook Pro's top maximum refresh rate is 30hz by thunderbolt and 24hz by hdmi. I have however come across a thread that says that two thunderbolt cables can be used to connect to a display to give me a refresh rate of 60hz. - Here is the original source I found.

it quotes " The Mid 2015 15" MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics can also drive one 5K display connected with two Thunderbolt cables. "

The question I've got is if I can double up my thunderbolt adapters how would I connect it because my Sony 4k TV doesn't have any thunderbolt/MDP ports and only has hdmi but I have already got two thunderbolt to hdmi adapters which have a refresh rate of 60hz but how would I configure them on my Macbook Pro and would it even work?