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[Build Log] ::: MuxLees Core X9 - MX9 ::::

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Hi all new here ....

Had a X9 case for a while, I bought it when they were first released I suppose . It sat in my work room for a while before I did my first build in it, which was a Z97 build however there was a fault with the MB , by the time it got sorted out z97 was obsolete !

So I am starting from scratch again this time with Z170 ( almost obsolete) - in Hindsight this was a "mistake" I would have gone for an X99 but that platform is almost EOL - but the next iteration of is not due for a few months ?

This is as far as I got with the Z97 build before the MB gave up on me !

Never got to complete the hard tubing on that one RIP maximus 7 smile.gif

Anyway lets get started .....

The previous build was a Maximus 7 the current build is based on a Maximus 8 .

The first thing that struck me about this board was the lack of " Red" on the MB compared to the 7 so not only are most of components ( CPU / RAM ) obsolete my previous colour scheme is not going 'work' so I have decided to aim for a blue / grey / chrome theme

Parts List
  • Motherboard - Maximus 8
  • CPU - I7 6700K
  • GPU - KFA GTX 1070
  • Mem - 32 GB DDR 4 Geil 3200
  • PSU - Corsair AX860i
  • Case - Thermaltake X9
  • HDD 1 - Intel 750 400 GB NVME SSD
  • HDD 2 - Crucial 480 GB M2 SSD
  • HDD 3 - 3 TB

Will add the watercooling parts later

but its a dual loop system using monsoon pumps D5 and modular reservoirs
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Case - Update

These boxes are enormous but there is never enough room to build a system the way you want

Air cooled it looks fine and it looks like you could fit the whole world and its sister in there ..... but for some reason the dimensions don't sit well with water cooling ( lack of cable management , mounting positions for ressies and pumps ) .

This was my z97 build that did nt get completed ..........

I am planning a dual loop here so bear with me while I build and hopefully someone can help me out when I get stuck

here are the sketchup concept designs

and a side panel ( not sure if I will do this now ) not sure about putting the slimline DVD in there as drawn, but the card reader is a must and it has the usb port on the front so NP

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So made progress and I have the basic build in mind so time for the cutting biggrin.gif

First thing get some wheels on it smile.gif

Strip everything out (again)

you could fit about 20 of these Brix in side this thing

Side Window cut out

Cutting slots for the "side bays"

This took ages to cut
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Masking and Painting

Primer and 1st coat thumb.gif

More to come

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Using the dead Maximus 7 as a template to get the centre panel fitted

Painted the motherboard tray and cut out some slots for the cable pass through
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Recycling an old chassis

... after trying multiple methods of reusing the standard trays I have an old sony RA watercooled pc doing nothing so I
took out a dual 5.25 bay and a dual 3.5 bay for the card reader

this will be for the Aquero 6 and multiswitch

with some filing /padding the gauges will fit neatly above the card reader

Motherboard tray with cable pass through

So next steps painting the trays and fix the drive bays to something ? cabling , rub down the panel again and respray primer and final coats .

Once I have a fixing method I will design a window for the lower half ......
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got some more done on the case - prepping for the cable management

added cut outs for USB / Front panel cables etc will tidy them up before final fit

got the side panels painted - need to rivet them together . initially I was going to rivet them to the panel but that could be problematic for maintenance going forward ... so that's on hold for the time being

need to strengthen that panel is sagging already come back soon
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Monsoon Reservoirs

Bought the monsoon MMRS for this build

tried out a few configs to see what suites

looks to big for what I want - so back to the drawing board and try out a few more and finally decided on 3 50mm tubes with 2 connectors and the other res will be a 100mm tube with end caps .
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