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Hey Gang

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My name is JD and I'm a new builder, or will be. I'm from Seattle and during winter break (back in college) the build bug bit me out of nowhere. Planning my new rig has been a pretty cool experience. I've played one PC game that involved proprietary software and that was the original Madden over 20 years ago. From that point I generally gamed on Sony platforms.

About 4 years ago I sold my Ps3, decided to go back to school (Cyber Security and Forensics) and haven't played a game since other than thru a browser app to pass some time when I decided to imbibe. drunken.gif

I'm here to increase my knowledge base, connect with other builders, and have a repository help/share site that I can go to for solutions. I don't know how much my new rig will encourage me to game, but one thing I do know is that I want the option and I want it to be powerful. I also am excited for the experience of building my own machine.

So helloooooo again, hope to chat some of you up and thanks for reading!
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Welcome JD!

You did the right thing in selling the PS3. biggrin.gif
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