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what keycap shape do you think is optimal for fast input R1-R2-R3-R4 or flat keys like from massive drop? which do you think would be best to maximize speed I want a uniform look so I think ill just pick one R shape and stick to it or buy a premade set from massivedrop. is there any logic you think in which key chap shape would be the best for gaming. I know there the ball indents and the cylindrical indents but when you say keycaps make or brake a keyboard what do you think I should be looking at for my b700. ideally id want to take my keycaps sets with me and have them usable on other keyboards in the future thou if the bloody does what it says I doubt ill be upgrading for a 0.2ms improvement. I feel I'm approaching endgame on keyboards and just wondering what every one things as "fastest keycaps"
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friend tried to test his g610 keyboard with that software and it came back as 100+ms because he was using a USB hub. shouldn't that not effect it. does the software even work or does it just measure polling rate?
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Originally Posted by he4th View Post

friend tried to test his g610 keyboard with that software and it came back as 100+ms because he was using a USB hub. shouldn't that not effect it. does the software even work or does it just measure polling rate?

The software works for me correctly(afaik), shows my keyboard ~20ms which make sense. For best outcome, the polling rate should be 1000hz ( = 1ms) and not 125hz like some keyboards ( = 8ms)

USB Hubs theoretically will add input delay but nothing of the sorts of +100ms, but could also be a number of other things on the computer that could be increasing the input delay.
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he was running a g610 Logitech thru a USB hub and yer said he got 100+ but didn't care because he doesn't feel it. hes a semi pro cs player traveled to play etc quite pro met him thru having same gaming laptop.

possibly could have been running on a laptop.

ive been told I can overclock my WMO mouse to 8khz with new software. would it make sense to clock any keyboards faster than 1000hz or does that only make sense if they have a USB3.0 controller?
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I notice that the new a4tech and bloody keyboards are making nicer cases and less bling more simple like Logitech g810 with just a square case with some white bull**** on it. maybe minimizing a b700 is a waste of time now but ill give it a shot was only 30$ the new ones look nice thou. really hope they do a nice TKL keyboard or even a 60% with number keys which is ideal for gaming.
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Apparently I definitely feel the delay on that Drevo, at least compared to QFRi. Could be due to the switches, as they are awful - scratchy and presumably long travel before actuation. Haven't soldered the Gateron switches in yet, unsure if they'll affect the issue.

Know it's off-topic, but does any comprehensible guide on how to make a custom keyboard exist out there? With controller models, firmware examples and such. I love the 75% layout, could use the matrix of the PCB.
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yer it would be nice to make it from scratch. I'm not sure about the plank keyboard kit but I think it might have the same slow speed cherry controller for when its in "cherry mode" not sure thou. just seems they flog this super old chip from the 80s with all cherry switch sales seems they have been packing it in for years and ruining otherwise great feeling keyboards. is a real shame.and with cherry 6.0 technology been owned by another company not cherry prime maybe things will stay in the dark ages for a while yet.

the best of all worlds would be a truly epic keyboard. but 0.2ms is enough and both Logitech and Bloody have reached that so endgame is close I think.
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so b700 is finally shipped total ended up being about 53aud from tabaou the price was kinda deceiving as it didn't include the international shipping. still hoping I can cut it down to 60% size really hoping the PCB under the lights for numlock and arrow keys is free of chips cutting it shouldn't effect the rest right if its not.

if not ill just not put keycaps on the arrows and del and page and home key to make it look like a 60% as I don't think any 0.2ms 60% keyboards exist yet. and all the optical keyboards on kickstarter are just TKL like the b700. still hoping to remove the plastic frame and just run it on the pcb standing on a plate of some sort possible the cut up plastic or ill use a bit of wood. should be the ultimate keyboard once set up I think. if I get sick of the red keys and want tactile I might switch to the Logitech G pro that's TKL also and seems pretty joy but its expensive that should be 0.2ms also but I got to say I hate the roamer-g switches they feel worse than browns and not as good as blues don't really see the point but if I cant handel reds I think ill go for that one.

the new bloody and a4tech keyboards look really nice thou so perhaps if I don't like the b700 I might get one of the new bloodys that just has a simple frame and no bling extra stuff and might even get fullleanth design for that and learn to play with keyboard slanted like the pros in CS do to save table space.

the new bloodys look really stylish they have some bull**** white made up "tacticooL' stuff on the case but its just printed on and easy to ignore or remove maybe with nail polish remover. just want a nice unbranded top end CSGO keyboard to complete my setup. only branded gear I use really is the mousepad atm and I'm fine with that being branded because they are sorta disposable devices unlike the rest. using a qck+ printed art edition (which effects the smoothness makes it more smooth if its got print on it apparently according to Russian friend) still using a WMO 1.1a black with stock mouse feet might upgrade the mouse feet next been recommended to put a brand over the top of them which I like as I don't think replacing feet is worth the time but putting some thing simple over the top might not scuff up the bottom of the mouse too much.

using a cheap mouse bungee from ebay 7$ kinda regret not getting a branded one like the zowie but its just wasted cash so what ever last bit of kit I want for pro setup is the razer bungee because it supports mice with diferent cable widths just so I can try more stuff out. got a G90 Logitech mouse to test but I still think the WMO 1.1a is technically the "best" low dpi mouse it just has problems when you move it really fast which I don't do at my current skill level.

after this keyboard last thing to get will be new pc that can run game at 120+ fps constant to make the most of my 120hz crt. but ive basically got the optimal cheap ass gamer set up and it feels pretty good all up prob only costs around 100$

30$ CRT
10$ Mouse
7$ bungee
30$ mousepad
30$ keyboard

old syberia v1 headphones
guitar hero mic on stand

duelcore computer that just runs cs at 90ish fps but drops to 60ish in combat 45-50 on FFA deathmatch servers.

pretty good set up I managed to scrounge together hope the b700 is good and makes a difference in movements just being that little bit faster in dodging fire and gives me the edge over cherry switch users who are only running keymovments at 18-30ms while I'm at 0.2ms I plaly CSGO tipically on servers that are 60-70ping so saving 30ping on keyboard input will help noticeability I think considering other players might be 30ping under mine so it levels the playing field at least on movements like popping out to do a AWP snipe etc.
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THE Q700 SHOWED UP ended up using the older bloody switches the LK1 so not red but black looking like standard cherry I hope it still has the technology inside to reach 0.2ms I think it might and they might just be slowly updating the switches? there LK3 now .. keyboard feels really fast like noticeably faster than the membrain keyboards I was using and I think faster than other mechanicals just feels lightning fast I think that 30ms lag on cherry stuff might be true.
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couldn't cut it down to size controller chips under the page buttons oh well fast keyboard thou really snappy. like it thanks for the help here
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