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Trying to help a co-worker play HEVC 4K files on his AMD Phenom II X4 965 HTPC. His CPU max's out at 99% when doing so with a crap load of video distortion and his neighbors across the street start complaining about the fan noise. Thought I'd help him out by loaning him one of my three GTX 970's in SLI on my i7-5930k gaming rig.

Anway, thought I'd test my system first and force the media player to use Nvidia CUVID when playing HEVC x265 files. I got everything setup and I'm seeing no drop in CPU load. Tried it on GOM, MPC and VLC all with HW acceleration option turned on and there is no affect on CPU load. What bugs me is that GOM player actually has a setting specifically for HEVC codec and to divert processing to Nvidia CUVID.

Curious with what I'm doing wrong.