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I am having a bit of trouble finding the original bios for this card.

to explain my situation:
I would like to restore the card to its original state before i lend it to a friend. Right now the card runs way too loud because of a mistake I made.
After I got an RX480 I had no real use for the R9390 anymore and i decided to play around with it.
So I flashed the STRIX-R9390-DC3OC-8GD5 bios from the techpowerup database after i backed up the original bios.
This happened without me digging deep enough to see that there are more than just clock changes between my non-OC version of the card and the OC version.
In fact it rather belongs to a completely different card ->

Now the problem is that its been quite a while and I do not have the backed up STRIX-R9390-DC3-8GD5 bios file anymore (its also not available in the techpowerup database).

As you can see in the link to the OC card model, there are quite a few crossed out values. I suppose those are the ones of the non-OC version that I need?
If that is correct, is it possible to edit those values in the bios myself in order to revert to the original bios?

Also if there are any owners of the non-OC version, please let me know and share the bios with me.

Any suggestions and answers to my questions are very appreciated

Thank you for your time