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Thermaltake Core P5 - Project Infinity

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Hi Guys,

My name is Shane and I am a first time poster, new to the forum and wanted to start a work log on my upcoming build in Thermaltakes Core P5. Its around 3am here and I have been drawing up some draft sketches and non scale drawings on my graph pad to render some ideas for how this things will go together.

Concept: Create an infinity effect as the back plate of the Core P5, but not just the surrounds but accent each component with its own infinity effect.

The idea will be to place a new back plate over the existing case, add in the infinity effect using mirrored acrylic and component platforms to accenting each component. I haven't decided if I want to use MDF or Ply Wood or rather a combination of both. Follow this post to stay up to date!

System Specs;

Thermaltake Core P5
ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 K6 Gaming
Intel i7 6700K
EVGA Geforce GTX 970 FTW+ ACX2.0
Cougar GX800 PSU
Apacer 480GB M.2 
Apacer 240GB SSD
16GB T.FORCE DARK DDR4 3000mhz
Custom Sleeved Cables
Fully Watercooled with Alphacool components.  ​​​​​​​

You can see the photo of the effect below.

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* If you would like to jump on board with this build. It would definitely be appreciated. You can contact me below via email or facebook.

Thanks Everyone,
Shane Rayson

@: shane@hextechmods.com
W: www.facebook.com/hextechmods

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Placeholder for Updates;

Update #2:
One would be advised that doing mathematics at 2-3am is probably not the best idea as I have made some serious calculation errors. New design will be up soon, not much is changing, I am considering moving the PSU to the rear of the case and than featuring two SSD's in the place where the PSU won't fit. The other option is to mount the PSU on its side, however not sure I like that idea. Will post an update when I have some new sketches up.

Update #1: I have done some measurements the early hours of this morning and drew up some concepts to how I want to get this build underway.

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Thermaltake Australia
-Huge thanks to Thermaltake AU for sending out the Core P5 for me to be able to use for this build. Without them this dream would never have started to become reality.
- Show them some support, as they support many modders in Australia.
- Facebook - Instagram - Website -


COUGAR Australia
- Huge thank you to Cougar for getting on board with this build and also another build which will be following this.
- Please show them your support so that they can continue to support modders in the community.
Facebook - Instagram - Website -

Team Group
- Huge thankyou to Team Group for offering to sponsor this build as well as review and test a set of there newest RAM.
- Please make sure that you show your support for these companies so they can continue supporting Australian Modders.
- Facebook - Website -

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I got a day off work today, its been pretty hectic for me lately trying to juggle my 10-12 hour shifts and make progress.

I did some of my cuts today and purchased some more things that I needed to get it done. I also have a sneak peak at the window panel that I am designing (2D) currently.







Should have some more updates coming soon. I have next weekend off and I plan to make a tonne of progress!

Follow me on facebook for news, updates, reviews and giveaways!
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managed to get some more cuts done today, I also bought myself a table saw. I am still waiting for some parts to arrive before I make my final measurements and cuts to ensure that I have the correct spacing and amount of room for cable management but here is a little mock up.








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