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So, I've been reading through a college curriculum on refrigeration systems as well as browsing through some of the cascade systems on XS. I think I'm gonna leave room to upgrade to a 2-stage cascade later.
I'll run R402a, r402b or R502 right now in single stage, then second stage will run R-1150. That might be later this year or much later. I just wanna make sure the case is large enough for the upgrade. (Come on, of course I need -100c 24/7)

A strange thing is starting to happen. I'm starting to understand what I'm looking at. The only thing that's still confusing me is auto-cascade.
The hardest part now will be learning how to do the physical assembly. How to braze and vacuum test and fill up on a refrigerant.


So, I'm wondering if I couldn't use the compressor I already have for a cascade system. It's a 12,000BTU unit. I'd just have to figure out the wiring part. That's what's always confused me about it.
If so, I'd have stage 1 be the 12,000 BTU unit running R404a, probably with a smaller condenser; then stage 2 be a good danfoss compressor like an SC18G or something similar running R1150.
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Design process is going swimmingly biggrin.gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Skyl3r View Post

Next up I need to design the power supply mount. Then add fan mounts, radiator mounts, detachable condenser shroud, control panel cut outs and much much more.
Should be really cool though! biggrin.gif
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More work being done on designing biggrin.gif

Here's a shot from above that shows wire management cut outs. They're sized to fit the phobya grommets here:

Red outline represents the motherboard.

Well, I'm done sitting at work for the day smile.gif Time to go home!
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A quick update - I am not done with this project. I've been planning a road trip across the states. Will be going to Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Kansas. Something like this is pretty expensive and has been keeping my money locked up for the past two months or so.

But anyways; mainly my point is that you should expect this project to continue, but it likely won't make much headway for at least the next two months.
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