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The best quality acrylic still will not be as scratch resistant as tempered glass.

Oh no definitely not. I could scratch the acrylic on both side-panels with a fingernail if I tried. For sheer quality and scratch resistance, nothing really compares to tempered glass if you want to see through the panel...

Does anyone know what the new 'snowblind' ibuypower side-panel is made out of? The one that acts as another display?

It's just another display. The idea was taken from one of my good friends Chris Albee, who did a mod 4+ years ago called "Visible Contrast." It garnered a lot of attention back then. Needless to say, Chris was not amused when it showed up in a product for sale.

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How about transparent aluminum (Aluminum Oxynitride)?

That would be the dream, wouldn't it? lol Unfortunately, until it's widely used (and I imagine some of it's first uses will be in Spacecraft, which would be amazing to see) I don't see the consumer sector being able to afford it. I read somewhere that the cost was about $10 per square inch, pretty pricey as far as material goes for a PC.