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I jusy recently got a 8320e and gigabyte ga-990fx-gaming 1.1 max I could get it stable was 4.4 but required vcore voltages of 1.46

I was on watercooling and i agree about p95 it throws all of the temps about 20c over what any gaming has done to me.

Also i have a thermaltake 650watt i believe bronze
quick question, does your vcore voltages ever drop while using power saving features?
my last motherboard would allow them to drop, although now on pehnom ii or vishera or even an athlon, the vcore stays at whatever setting is in the bios regardless which power saving features or HPC are enabled. although my VID does drop, yet never increases, only thing that changes the vcore is APM, and i really don't want that crap enabled as it'll likley fry my chip/mobo

i've got the exact same mobo and same cpu, but can't get past 4.0 ghz neither.
prime is stable for 20 minutes at 4.1ghz, but starts throwing errors at 4.2ghz, and IBT fails at 4.1ghz, even with 1.46v

it has booted into windows with 4.6ghz, but i get blue screens rather quickly after everything past 4.3ghz
also have the exact same issues as OP, need 1.412v (stock turbo speed) just to run 4ghz stably
here's a post with BIOS pics, and my sig has other related info.
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