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Micro ATX Vertically Standing Case ?

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the Case Labs forum and I'm inquiring about micro ATX vertically standing cases.

I have extensively searched the case labs web site for an micro ATX case that stands vertically (unsuccessful), something that is similar to the NOVA X2M case but mATX size.

I did run across the Mercury S5 and the Mercury S8S from the website though the case only provides a horizontal (flat) positioned motherboard, (unless flipped upwards - can anyone confirm can be done?).

The Merlin SM8 is the right idea of case, but the form factor is significantly large, I'm looking for a compact vertical case.

Lastly I ran into the bullet cases, great design but limited 140mm Rad support.

Im probably giving off the impression that I'm very meticulous about the "right" case for my build wackosmiley.gif though I'm hoping that communicating through the forums would lead me in the right direction.

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate the feedback and input exhappysmiley.png
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As you noticed, the S5 (mATX) and S8S (ATX) are horizontal board cases only and cannot be flipped. The X2M is mITX of course. There was going to be an X5 (mATX) case but it was cancelled during development.

Have you had a good look at what folks are doing with their BH4 (mATX) cases? By changing your radiator needs you may be surprised (and remember the PSU type).
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Hope I am not being inappropriate here as this is a Caselabs forum area, but as Caselabs do not offer the solution you are looking for I would suggest you look at the HexGear R40: http://www.hex-gear.com/product/r40-2/
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