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hey I got the first PG248Q and it wouldn't overclock past 144hz so I returned it.

the second one arrived and I can confirm what your saying the whites on the asus look greyish

anyway this one can overclock to 180hz but I can see some backlight flicker its random when it does it though.

is this something an RMA will take care of or should I return it to the store instead?

what should I buy to upgrade from my XL2410T if this is not the one??

I don't want to give you the wrong advice but I decided to keep the XL2430 and returned the PG248Q for a refund. Maybe not on paper, but side by side, the XL2430 is a better monitor in many ways in my opinion. The only thing that the PG248Q has over the XL2430 is G-Sync. The BenQ XL2430 beats the Asus PG248Q everywhere else. I'm going to hold onto the XL2430 until a 24 inch G-Sync monitor comes out that is better than what is currently available to the market. I figure I can sell the XL2430 used when I'm ready to fairly easily.