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How does Plum electrostatic capacitive 35g compare to Cherry Reds?

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Anyone here have experience with both the keyboards?

Currently using a cherry MX reds with separately purchased PBT caps + 2 stacked cheapo o-rings purchased on ebay. Looking to purchase a Plum 104 for work. I like linear switches and do not enjoy cherry browns or blues.

Anyone know if o-rings can be used on the Plum? How is the attenuation point to bottom out? I've read that the "PBT" caps on Plum 104 are actually ABS material. After using a decent quality PBT cap, don't think I can go back to ABS redface.gif

Any advice/experience shared would be appreciated. thumb.gif
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They don't really compare. PLUM uses electro-capacitive switches which are what Topre switches are and not MX switches.

I have an HHKB Pro 2 which uses genuine Topre switches, the PLUM uses the "knock-off" version of that design and uses a cheaper, 35g rubber sheet. They aren't even really comparable to true Topre switches, similar to comparing a genuine Cherry MX switch to Razer's pseudo-mechanical switch. Topre switches are by far my favorite switch, but it is definitely preference base and from the sounds of it, you may not like them.

Because they use a rubber sheet with a conical spring inside on top of a hard PCB board, the feel of the switch is very smooth but gives off a "pop" tactile feel. Not comparable to an MX Blue or MX Brown which feels like a micro-bump from within the switch. Because the PLUM is 35g, I have heard a lot of people say they feel extremely close to a linear switch but is also extremely light, the higher weights you go in Topre (45g then up to 55G) the more tactile and crisp the switch gets, so I would agree and assume that the 35g PLUM would be the least tactile, light, smooth, but not entirely linear. I would still expect some feedback from the key. Some PLUMs do come with PBT keycaps with the legends laser printed on them. Not the best quality, but they are PBT, just not double-shot PBT.

Topre knock-offs are not very well done because they are typically very cheap considering true Topre boards are some of the most expensive. If you KNOW that you like MX Reds the best, I would stick with them and possibly save some money for a quality board.

Leopolds can be found for ~$115 that come stock with decent PBT keycaps and amazing build quality.
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Im coming from a filco brown switch to a plum 35g topre.. And i aint going back! : D
Its very good, and Definitly worth the money. If you prefer linear tho.. The whole point of topre is to get most of the resistance at the top of the stroke so.. Its logical, and it feels damn good to type on. : ]
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I created an account just to reply to this.

I love my Plum. It's an 84 key 35g model that I got from Aliexpress about 2 months ago.

Was using a Cherry Red board at home (Logitech G610) and wanted something for work. Gave the Plum a chance and couldn't be happier.

Some people say the 35g feels linear, but coming from red switches I can definitely feel some tactility. It's more like a snap than a bump and it has a wonderful chalky feel that is hard to describe, but is incredibly satisfying. I much prefer it for typing over the reds. The keycaps are very light, but I think that is part of the whole appeal. I tried putting my heavy ABS logitech caps on and it ruined the feel - was nowhere near as sensitive on the tactility.

However, for gaming I find it too light. I rest my left pinky on the shift key, and with the Plum I often find that I have accidentally depressed it, which in dota means I am shift-queuing all commands. I thought it was some weird lag at first frown.gif

Regarding the actuation point, there is definitely room to put in a silencing ring. However, i find it pretty quiet overall. No louder than a regular rubber dome. The low required actuation force means you don't smash into the keybed and can type quite lightly.

Hope that helps
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