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CPU Smart Fan Target - TIL

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Today - the day I learned that PWM fans and the CPU smart target are the answer to almost everybody's problem - well almost everybody

In a Coolermaster N200 case - I installed a Corsair H80i V2(with both fans) - 3 Arctic PWM fans and this little fan splitter -

At first I followed the H80i V2 instructions and placed the single 3-pin power on the CPU header to power the pump and to give an RPM reading to the mainboard (so it won't failsafe) - the fan splitter with the three fans were hooked up to the only SYSFAN 1 header on the mainboard

I most certainly could not take advantage of the PWM functionality of the fans using this configuration

I then swapped the connectors each to the other header - set a CPU smart fan target in the BIOS to 55C and the fan speed to 12.5% - and the rest was history. The PC became so quiet that I actually got scared that something was wrong with it.


The CPU Smart fan target is a temperature point, which when reached, will turn PWM fans to their maximum until the temperature falls.

I did not know this.

The Corsair H80i V2 is pretty quiet and the software to control its fans is easy enough to use -

It is however, not as impressive as it looks -also the back plate that it comes with is incapable of securing the pump/block to the board without sizable washers (this is a HUGE flaw in terms of how this product comes shipped)

Your case is basically everything

The materials its constructed with - it's overall shape and design and the acoustic properties of the space in which the case rests - are all crucial to your experience of the sound of the machine.

The mainboard's native fan control is superb

though, not as pinpoint precise as say a fan controller - get PWM fans and a splitter if necessary and let your board handle the scene - it's a better option than a $40 fan controller in my humble view.

A liquid cooler is NOT ESSENTIAL to noise reduction (obviously)

but it's a pretty cool way to implement a consistently low fan speed without threatening your peace of mind

And that's my 2 cents and experience with PWM fans (after years of using regular fans and the stock intel cooler) - happy cooling!
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Also throwing in some BIOS and/or fans have zero issue starting & stopping such as being off until a certain temp is reached and then ramping if increasing and then turning off again when temps are low.
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