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Asus x370 prime rgb died after 2 hours

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I built my system over 1 week ago.

16gb of corsair vengeance ddr4 3000(clocked to 2166 atm)
1 tb wd ssd
evga 1070
evga 850 g2 gold 80+ psu
deepcool air cooler(have a cooler master, master liquid pro 280 just waiting on the brackets)

Day 1 get the board and stuff from new egg Mobo box not sealed and the board is not in the anti static bag. Recorded it for argument sake with Asus customer service just in case (fyi worse experience ever)
-Install of the system took about 90 minutes including windows 10
-soon as I plugged in the psu and hit the back switch the motherboard came to life.
-installed windows 10
-downloaded all the drivers off asus website(have not updated bios from 502, really scared to try as I work from my pc and cant afford to be down)
-installed NVidia drivers and some other tools I need for work (obs, skype, photoshop, etc) all is well
-realize the reason my front mount usb 3.0 are not working is I forgot to hook that up.
-power down the case unplug psu discharge static to the a piece of metal touching the ground( I worked in avionics manufacturing at one point)
-organized the cables in the back so I could close it up (nzxt s340 case) and then closed it up once everything was nice and neat. ( no excessive force was applied)
-rehooked up the psu flipped the switch and no rgb lights came on.
-hit power button and the system comes to life. Still no rgb.
-bring up the aura software

it appears that there is no communication between the rbg on the board to the aura software.

- trying to reverse the problem I power down and discharge the psu as well as any static. Open the case fully. Unhook the usb 3.0. I also inspect the board for any imperfections and or damage(none).
- Power it back on. Still no Rgb.
-I hook everything from the board and reattach just the atx power and the cpu power cables from the psu. Turn on the psu, still no rgb.
- rehook everything back up. load into bios. I begin changing the advance attached device settings for the rgb. No change in state.
-put in a support ticket to asus.

-system still works fine, still no rgb, still no response from asus.
-ask a question via twitter to their social media person.

-asus social media person (smp) ask for my serial. I provide this right away and send pictures of the board from opening to current state as well as a picture of the serial

-get a response telling me to do everything I did on day 1. Annoyance level rising still no response for ticket sent.

day 7
-smp tells me they are sorry and will forward this to one of their techs.

day 8
-unplugged the cmos battery and discharged the psu let sit for 10 minutes. reconnect everything. Still no RGB
-smp says there is an option for an advance RMA amd I will be contacted about this soon.

day 11
-smp apologizes and informs me that there is no stock for an advance RMA, says some one will call me and ask for number. (even though its on my registry)
-2 calls were received soon as I answered was put on hold and at about 30 min was hung up on. happened twice.

-2 calls missed
-get fed up with how this is going and take a proactive approach and call them up.1hr waiting on hold.
-get a ton of run around till I raise my voice and acted, albeit somewhat justified, belligerent and confrontational.
-get passed over to a "tech"
-he begins to walk me through some basic things, which I already did but I played along, after all its his job and I know he has to read from the walkthrough guide for idiots.
-Finally after another hour he tells me the board will have to be sent back in. I explained that I need this for work and outside of a advance RMA I really cant do that. He tells me again there is nothing that can be done then
-stil no response or change in status of support ticket..

This is not the first time I have had issue with Asus. Last it was also with a motherboard for my mother's pc. We went through the rma process and they sent us 4 boards each one failed to post. Eventually I said enough as this was now 3 months and they still could not get it right and the amount I paid in shipping could have just bought 2 new motherboards.

Now I'm pondering my options. I have not updated the bios which may actually be the culprit and am rather scared to attempt this as so many people have posted issues with bricking their pc because of it. My other option is to get a gigabyte k7 x370. or the asrock fatality pro. If any one knows of something I may have missed or overlooked or can tell me the safest method to updating the bios it would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Yes I know there is a third option of not having the rgb elements but I bought this board for the rgb as well as the ability to sync them. With that said it is a fair bet if the integrated rgb is not working then any other connected to them may not work as well.
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Any joy with this problem please? I have a similar issue. Everything worked fine initially then, for no apparent reason, the rgb failed (motherboard and the rgb output for the processor fan). Everything else still OK. I have googled and this seems pretty common but I cannot find a solution so far. Any help appreciated.
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There is no joy on this topic. The issue with the rgb is with the aura sync controller chip. If it dies so does your rgb sadly. I was able to confirm this as the aura sync software will no longer load and gives a string of code which I was able to determine as unrecognizable board meaning either the software is bad which I checked or the controller slowly died and is now fully dead.

Best solution I can give to you is this.

Replace the motherboard with a different brand. i know this is kinda the nuclear option but there are far better ones out there for not much more.

Below is the Gigabyte GA‑AX370‑Gaming K5 Socket AM4/ AMD x370. You can pick this up for 169 on newegg the cost increase is nominal but the features it has makes it superior to the Asus one.

The other option you can work with is the NZXT HUE+ Which will allow you to have access to rgb fans since most likely your aura sync is now dead and will need a new external controller in order to have that option again. The HUE+ is like 60 bucks and fans like 30 a piece but there are bundle deals you can get from NZXT.

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Thanks for reply. If indeed there is a fault the motherboard is being returned as it is only a month old!
My Aura programme does work, on the display anyway. Motherboard is recognised and it allows me to switch between patterns but no lights.
I will record the problem with Asus and see if I can get a refund.
Thanks again.
P.S. based in UK so all our kit is more expensive!
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Return is probably your best option but what they send you back may just be as faulty. I have given Asus so many chances here. Four people i know who built r7 builds on launch have be plagued with issues and they were using the more expensive rog board from them. Asus and AMD do not have a good track record in terms of reliability of product and their customer service/ rma process is very problematic.

Now please do not take this as a bashing of ASUS in order to support another brand. I have built many pc's for myself and for friends and family. When it comes to Intel based cpu's I have never had a single issue with asus, with 1 minor sound issue which was resolved with an rma. When it comes AMD I have had 12 different issues. There comes a point when you are building pc's where you know which manufacture is best for the build you are making and Sadly when it comes to AMD, ASUS is not it. The fact that when I had to go through the talk with a tech part of my recent ordeal I knew more about my board then he did was troubling. The fact he thought a usb 3.0 header could be confused with a 3.1 header was just unacceptable. When I call for tech support I would expect the person I am talking to to at least seen the board before or have a knowledge base with the product.

I probably will give asus another chance down the road but for right now....They are off my shelf
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