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lian li PC-O11 with vertical GPU

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Welcome to my build log

This build is not based round any particular theme just the addition of a vertical mounted graphics card.

I recently finished a Lian li PC-O10 for my workstation build and now its time to build my gaming rig.


CASE: lian li PC-O11
CPU: Intel Core i7 6800K Broadwell
MB: Asus Rampage V Edition 10
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum
PSU: Corsair HX 850i
VGA: Asus GTX 1080 strix Gaming
HDD: Samsung
CABLES: Undecided
Lighting: Undecided
Fans: Corsair ML120


CPU Block: PhanteksGlacier C350I Acrylic Cover RGB LED - Mirror Chrome
VGA Bock: Phanteks Glacier GTX 1080/1070 GPU Block Asus Strix - RGB Lighting - Mirror Chrome
RES: EK-RES X4 250 (R2.0)
RADS: Magicool G2 slim
FITTINGS: Undecided
TUBING: Bitspower acrylic
COOLANT: Mayhems
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GPU Waterblock

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Vertical mod bracket

Power Supply


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Originally Posted by paultoke View Post

GPU Waterblock
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Nice block. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Mads1 View Post


Nice block. smile.gif

Thanks Mads
Going to need your sunglasses for this one biggrin.gif
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Think ill stick with these again as they are excellent fans

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Ordered this case 2weeks ago, today is the day they come at my doorstep tongue.gif
MAgicool aint bad i got them in my Manta ITX but in this case i will use two HWL GTS 380's
Not convinced by the ML fans at all maybe at 2400Rpm so i stick with my Nocthua Industrial 2000 PWM
If one uses bitspower hardtubes better stick with pitspower fittings to.
I am going to use EK, fittings part hardtube from EK and part mayhems soft tubing.
I got 2 EK xres 100 DDC one PWM and one with a koolance PMP400 gonna use the PMP400 and order a 25cm tube for it the 100 is gonna look weird in it tongue.gif
And not to forget mayhems clear X1 (or somthing) still got a 5 lieter can tongue.gif
GPU waterblock is an EK for my Fury Nano (until they release their new card)
And i got an EK supermacy evo red, but i am going to order an Glacier 350i like you have.
Goes nice with my Asus Rampage iX Apex tongue.gif

The only bad thing is that i have bought the Trident Z 16Gb 3200 c14 and now they come with the RGB version.
Ah well the good thing is i pay'd 109,- for the Trident Z 16Gb 3200 c14 they have gone up like 100% in prize smile.gif
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HWL GTS are good rads if you can get hold of them when thumb.gif

Never run any fans in any of my builds above 800rpm no need if they are balanced correctly with the right radiators.
All my build are very quite thats how i like it.

Used Bitspower hardline tubing a lot, never had an issue with any fitting.
In fact i have had more issues with EK fitting then any other make out there, quality just isnt what it used to be.
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Highflow in holland just got in a new batch of GTS thats where i got them (thats where my case comes from to and like 90% of my stuff)
Nah what i meant what stick with brands bitspower hardtube with bitspower fitting and ek hardline with ek fittings tongue.gif
I like that pci raiser stuff, nice to showoff some "bling" off your gpu, but i rather have fans or another rad down there.
I am ayeballing them phanteks fittings but hmz i got like 500,- worth of fitting already.. and they are not cheap neither... like bitspower prizes....
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Triple mount rad is more than enough for keeping a hole system under 56 deg unless you severely overclock the Cpu and GPU

I would like to use Phanteks fittings just to be different but as you say they are silly money.
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