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looking for a new headset and I have a few of them I want some opions on

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If you're going to bash gaming headsets, and say they are useless and tell me to go buy a seinheisser or something along those lines, please do not bother to comment on here. I don't need to hear why you feel gaming headsets are "bad" since I am wanting to purchase one. Plus, it's off topic.

Anyways...I am browsing headsets and came across a few:

1. Steel seriies Arctis 7 wireless

2. Creative sound blaster H7

3. Steel series siberia 800 (expensive)

4.Razer manowar

5.Logitech G933 wireless 7.1

if anyone has any other suggestions with any other headset to buy, please say so! I am into the whole surround sound with headsets, and yes, I have heard them before, and yes, some DO sound crappy, but I know there are some that really do shine.

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Have you tried a good pair of non 7.1 headphones with virtual surround? I find that the overall positional awareness is actually better than these 7.1 headsets. As a bonus, you get better sound quality as well.

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Edit: you can disregard this, I assumed the 7.1 headsets you listed would actually have multiple drivers in each ear but it looks like they all just use virtual surround.
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I just deleted my last post after i saw ur edit lol. Yeah they are all virtual surround. I have a pair of 7.1 tiamats but the sound is getting old and its always muddy. Ive had them for almost 3 years. Im lookin for new now
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My Razer Tiamat set is great. Hooked up to a sound card, they sound better than any digital set that I've tried. Sorry to hear yours is having problems.
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Here is a quick copy paste from the first review i just read on that headset. on pcmag.com

"Audio mixing can produce some very compelling effects, but the G933's surround sound (and any surround sound on any gaming headset) won't be mistaken for a full 7.1-channel speaker system; without the space for the sound to bounce around to produce the proper acoustic effects, the different channels can only produce a general sense of direction at best. The left/right, left/right surround, and left/right rear channels all produce a subtly different effect to the ear that can give the impression of positional imaging, but it's not a sound where you can readily pick out a bullet fired from your two o'clock or your five o'clock."

You should look at open backed headphones if you aren't too worried about sound leakage and you listen in a quiet space. They'll provide better soundstage if that's what you're into but probably less bass.
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I would recommend sennheiser GSX 1000 I've never heard anything that can compare in games to be honest.
It's a virtual 7.1 dac about 250€ in sweden best gest ive gotten in along time I got iFi iDAC2 micro and a iFi USB 3.0 nano connected to the GSX 1000 running sennheiser 373D and change with Philips fidelio X2
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Check out the website Head-Fi, great place for advice on headphones and headsets.
It helps to list a budget when getting advice on what to buy.
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