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Dell u2515h, a small review

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Oh well, I ended up getting this one in a ragebuy after the iiyama flop rolleyes.gif Hopefully till new 144hz 27inch Samsung displays hit the market since I really like 1440p.

Compared to the iiyama, this one feels much better in the end.

1. No bads pixels, no dust, no weird crap on the screen.
2. Some BLB at the left lower corner, but I find it acceptable compared to iiyama which would make the right lower corner yellow due to strong BLB there, even in broad daylight.
3. Probably the best AG coating I've ever seen, easily beats even XB271HU.
4. As close to perfect in white uniformity as an IPS can get, no red/blue zones noticeable.
5. the PPI feels really really good to me. IDK, I kinda feared it might be too small but it feels sharper than the 27incher and definitively not too small. It feels "just right".
6. Sadly my piece can't OC at all, skips frames at 70 hz, and I find it pointless to check below that value as it changes nothing.
7. Colors are beautiful and the factory calibration is pretty decent.
8. Size feels JUST RIGHT to me, I keep my monitors close (60 cm away from my eyes) and 25 incher feels better than 27 inch.
9. The blacks are definitively better than on iiyama, of course they suck due to glow/BLB but they feel more "black" by default. IDK what's wrong with iiyama, but the blacks there are terribad.

One could hunt for a BLB-less piece that OCs to 80hz, that would be an awesome buy. Mine doesn't, but it feels just "good enough".

It's quite an eye candy, I have to say.

Compared to my u2412m: because it doesn't have the ridiculous coating that "breaks" u2412m, it looks way better, however, my u2412m is as perfect as it goes, displaying the best blacks I've seen on on an IPS, having zero BLB (absolutely ZERO) and zero IPS perceivable straight on (of course it's there if you look at an angle, but that's just what IPS does). u2412m spoiled me a bit regarding QC, it's perfect in every way if it wasn't for the stupid AG coating that ruins the monitor in the end.

As for u2515h: recommended? yes. Definitively. If you don't need 144hz, this old champ is ready to carry out its duty, delivering magnificent image for a decent price.

In the end, I am going to return it (well, duh) because I only intend to use it till new Samsungs drop, and a BLB will severly hurt its resale value. This is a great monitor though, just my piece is lacking.
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I am thinking about upgrading from my 2412M as well, I've had it for nearly 6 years now. I also sit fairly close to the screen so I don't want to move up to 27".
But the 2412M is 16:10 as you know so I'm thinking 25" could be a nice sweet-spot for 1440p at this range.

Did you consider any other monitors before choosing this one?

Also, I just had a look and the 2412M is still being sold here and it's the same price as when I bought it. That is kind of crazy heh.
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the 2412m is honestly quite amazing. If it wasn't for the stupid AG filter, I'd keep it forever, lol.

u2515h is amazing if you don't need 144hz. The size is perfectly fine and I completely felt "at home" when using it, whereas the 27 inch 16:9 monitors require some adapting from me.

The PPI is great, and the colors are nice. The gamma is a bit low by default, I recommend upping it.

Look for BLB, sadly u2515h isn't like 2412m which pretty much had no BLB problems, the QC for u2515h seems poor.
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Refreshing u2515h seems like a cashgrab. What exactly besides 150$ higher price can one expect, reasonably? I wouldn't buy this. The u2515h is perfect as is.
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There are very few details on it yet which is why I want to wait and see what it brings.
The 2515 had a $499 list price too according to Amazon.
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but now it's for 300-350$ smile.gif

a 500$ u2518h is IMHO a cashgrab, because there is nothing it can bring other than HDR, 144hz (or at least 75hz), Sync, Q-dot, etc... none of which was announced smile.gif
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Yeah sorry should have been more clear. The 2515 was $500 MSRP just like the upcoming 2518 but it was actually as low as $300 on launch, then steadily rose to $340 in a few months. It's now $370.

So my point was MSRP might not matter.
It's just a few months wait anyway.
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