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First custom loop build

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Alright guys, finally getting all of the parts in to start my first custom loop build. I decided to go with a mid tower instead of a full tower, we will see if that was a wise decision or not. Below is a list of components going into the build:

Fractal Designs Define S
Asus Maximus IX Formula
G Skill TridentZ RGB 32GB 3600 16-16-16
EVGA 1080 ti FE
Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
Samsung 960 Evo NVMe 250GB
EVGA SuperNova 850+ Gold
Cable Mods ModMesh cable kit.

Water cooling will be as follows:

EK Supremacy Evo CPU Block
EK Titan X Full Cover GPU Block
EK Backing plate
EK Coolstream PE 360mm
EK Coolstream PE 240mm
EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 Pump

Started tonight with the case. First time working with a Fractal Designs case. Not bad, but definitely thinner than Phanteks, and in my opinion a step below quality wise as well. There were a couple things that I didnt like about the case right off the bat, so I set out to fix them.

The first was the top panel. Its a nice looking case! When you have the modular top panels in place. Since I am using a top and front mounted rad, they have to be removed which leaves a pretty open, and IMHO ugly top. So I decided to use the top panels, and just install stand off's for them to sit on as shown below:

Here are the top panels, I had to remove the little plastic lip so that they would stay hooked into the case on the front side, while the rear was lifted:

Then, I installed a standoff for the rear side of each panel to rest on:

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Then I went about my issue with the front (still might move the dust filter to the outside instead of the inside. Not sure if I like it better inside, or outside.

I decided that I wanted to mount the fans for the 240 rad in between the case and the front panel (to try and maximize the room I have inside of the chassis) but in doing so, it put the face of the fans very close to the back of the front panel. So, I cut an opening and backed it with a magnetic dust filter.

And the radiator mounted up front. Not sure if I want to run an extra intake fan above it or not. Plan is to have one intake in the bottom, one exhaust in the back, then of course the top rad exhausting out the top of the case.

And that is where we rest for today. Tomorrow the GPU arrives, and Ill try and get some more components mounted into the case. Not sure yet how Im going to run all of the lines. We shall figure that out as I mount things I guess.
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OK, here is where I ended up today. I had to move the 360 rad to the front, and the 240 to the top (I hope that doesnt matter?) Simply because it wouldnt clear the water fitting on the MoBo. As you can see, it now all clears. My planned path is as follows (let me know if you would run it differently please)

360 rad > Pump > GPU > MoBo > 240 rad > CPU > 360 rad

I still plan to have an intake fan on the bottom, that pictured exhaust on the back, and likely another exhaust on the top, at the end of the 240 rad.

I also had to priority overnight some PWN fan extensions as I wasnt thinking clearly when ordering (ouch)

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