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I purchased Battlefield 1 through Amazon, linking with my Origin account (Instant access) however the game didn't show up in my library.

I contacted Amazon to confirm that there was no code needed, I then talked with a EA rep and was told that they had never heard of a game sold through Amazon without a code.

The Origin rep was straight up nasty with me, often talking over me asked to speak with a supervisor and was told no. (for this I'll never buy from EA or use origin again). During my call they asked for screen shots of my purchase, I sent them, was asked to wait while they researched and 10 minutes later lost the connection. And no call back, no email. Nothing. Their support page is a joke, slow, timing out, chat apparently does not work at all. So glad I decided against giving EA and Origin my CC info.

I had read so many bad things about Origin and EA, but I really wanted to give them a shot and play this game.

Amazon was of course great and refunded my money even though there was a no refund policy on this purchase.

But, I am interested to know if anyone else has purchased this way through amazon? Did it work for you?