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Most cost effective (de and) relid solution (for i7-7700k)

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Hey all.

TLDR Version:

I want to delid my 7700k since it runs hot as balls but am currently strapped for cash. Pretty sure I can delid it on my own (the wax dental floss method sounds funny, easy, and low risk), but don't have any of the materials or tools to relid. I could probably borrow a vice, though would likely go with one of those relid tools. I've never delidded a CPU before, so I'm a little nervous about trying. Should I risk paying $20-$30 to a rando on the internet to handle it for me, or maybe a little bit more to buy all the materials myself?

Longer version:

So, my i7700k runs hot as hell in my Node 202 case. I've tried both a Sycthe Shuriken Big (way too loud with CPU right on the case vent) and more recently the Cryorig H5. Full stock settings (vcore 1.260), I peak around 94C package with a Cryorig H5 from sustained (2 hr+) of BOINCing / 100% CPU load. Undervolting my CPU to 1.20 at stock speeds is usually stable enough for an overnight BOINC (though not 100% rock solld / unable to do 24hr+ uptime 100% CPU load without lock-up), peaking at high 80s. Futuremark Time Spy Stress Test usually tops out around 74C package. Still... hot.

I really want to be able to BOINC without going into the 80C range, if possible. With average temp drops around 20C for many in the OC crowd, I'm thinking a delid could help a good bit with my thermals. Alas, I'm now hella broke / went kinda overboard on budget for computer crap for my birthday and really need to keep costs down for the process. That being said, I don't own any of the tools or equipment to relid. I'm cautiously optimistic I could go with the somewhat humorous (though supposedly effective / safe) waxed dental floss delid process. I could also probably borrow a vice from a friend or family member for the relid, though am nervous about damaging transistors on the "back" of the CPU and figure it may be worth buying one of those relid kits for around $10. I don't own any liquid metal nor a sealant (I have gorilla glue, but I need to do research on what best to go with for a reseal and a forget approach).

Adding up the cost of paste and sealant, I get the impression that $20-$30 for a rando on the interwebs (a la ebay) would probably be about the same or just a tad less than doing it myself. That, and since I've never done it before, I'm a tad nervous about ******* it up (only moderately so... I built machines regularly in the pre-IHS days).

Suggestions on cost/risk of DiY vs. ebay rando, as well as suggestions on best sealant option for seal and forget would be great. (Is there any validity to liquid metal "drying out" after a year / having to regularly reapply?)
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A vice, a block of wood, and a hammer, and about 2 minutes.
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I heard some issues with kaby lake and hammer and vice methods... something to do with weaker PCB for the CPU?

My bigger concern is relidding / best way to approach that.
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yeah, ive heard the pcb is weaker and the vice/hammer method isnt a good idea. it seems like a rocket 88 kit plus the relid tool is your best bet. there are cheaper tools but they are inconsistent in quality it seems whereas rocket 88 gets solid reviews.
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