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Hi guys I'd like to be able to overclock my gtx 1070 with some extra voltage. I have a palit jetstream that I've already bios patched to super jetstream unfortunately my card doesnt overclock much beyond 2ghz and throttles down to 1974mhz when overclocked with I think +34mhz in precision and there seems to be a hard boost limit in place preventing me from going higher. I'd like to be able to add some volts for some stable overclocks with a better bios.
I understand my card isnt a well binned one but would like some extra mhz as I cant get much above 2ghz. I've had a reference gtx 1070 from an oem pc recently that I was reselling and annoyingly that reference card with a blower style cooler would overclock to 2.1ghz so there has to be some hope for my jetstream.