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I currently use two touchscreens for my flight sim controls setup using Helios software and three 27" monitors for the flight sim display. Everything was working fine under Win10 Anniversary Edition but after upgrading to Win10 Creators Update (clean install), I'm having issues with one of the monitors.

I have a small 22" iiyama ProLite T2250MTS-B1 and a bigger 24" iiyama ProLite T2452MTS-B4 touchscreen. The 24" one is the one having problems. I can see that the touch function is working fine, I've set Windows to know that these two screens are touchscreens and I've calibrated both screens. I can move and manipulate open File Explorer windows on the touchscreen but when I start up Helios, it does not interact with the software. Under Win10AE, I could press a button on the 24" touchscreen and get a desired effect. Under Win10CU, I press the same button but there's no effect. I can see the indication that the touchscreen has detected a touch input and if I move the mouse, I can see that the cursor is where I last touched the screen, but Helios does not recognize the touch input. I can click the button with the mouse and get the desired effect, but I cannot activate it via touch.

I wonder what's changed in Win10CU that causes such an effect? Unfortunately, Helios software has been abandoned a couple of years ago so I cannot ask the original programmer for help.

Any suggestions or advice appreciated. Thanks!