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For over two years I have a SPC Gladius X60 window case with a few modifications: iaoFv2u.jpg
I have processor and gpu after quite a lot of OC - I5-4690k 4.5ghz with Fortis 3, Palit SJS 1070;
At this moment my favorite is the BeQuiet Pure Base 600 with a window, the second option (less satisfying) is the NZXT S340.
I have a DVD drive, but I'm willing to get rid of it, I have not used it since the installation of Windows 2 years ago. Currently, BeQuiet to Pure Wings 2 fans, working on average 60% - so I have set the temp above 60C. In the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, the processor achieves maximum 75C at that time. My computer is 10 cm apart on the left so the noise of the fans is audible, even though the average volume of the games is not heard.

I would ask you to advise which fans, if any, will leave (the others will go with the case) to Pure Base to get good temperatures and work culture. Of course, other offers of housing to ~90$ (Pure Base I intend to buy occasionally, I do not hurry) are also welcome. Thanks and best regards.
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