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I've resleeved a 24pin in the past but that was easy just remove pin, sleeve put back in done. I'm now attempting to build my cables from scratch. I did a test extension with some MDPC-X and with a male and female PCIE connectors now that worked out great. Question is the PCIE doesnt seem to be the correct connector on the psu itself. so is it suppose to be EPS Female that goes into the PSU on a Corsair 860i? and a PCIE female for the GPU? Ive looked all over i can find pinouts for the 24 but nothing on which connectors are needed for which part? do i just need to reuse the connectors off the cables im not going to be using anymore. i hope not i kind of wanted to do a complete from scratch on my cables. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ill be buying it all from MOD-ONE
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