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For Sale:
[SOLD] Evga ACX SC 2.0 980 Ti w/ Ek Waterblock/Backplate (Fujipoly Thermal Pads) + Stock Fan/Poster/Cables/etc.

Will Ship To: US48


I just upgraded to a 1080 Ti (like the rest of the world) so here I am selling my 980 Ti. This thing has really served me well. It's been under straight distilled/liquid utopia since the day I got it. No dyes or weird colorings. Just straight distilled along with liquid utopia to prevent algae growth. This card has never seen temps past 45C. It's a great overclocker it can easily can get past 1500Mhz on the core.

You get everything you would as if you bought it new. I'm including the box which is in mint condition, a huge EVGA poster, some stickers, warranty info, power splitter cables... everything.

Looking for $350 since it's going to cost me a good amount to insure and ship it. Feel free to ask any questions!

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